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GoPro 3.5mm Mic Adapter for Hero3

GoPro 3.5mm Mic Adapter for Hero3
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Item#   AMCCC-301

Price: $19.99

If quality sound is at the top of the list of your video recording needs, this GoPro Hero3 mic adapter is perfect for you. Helping you to capture each and every ambient and intentional noise to accompany your GoPro footage, this mic adapter for GoPro connects any external 3.5 mm microphone to your camera. Made for Hero3 only, the mic adapter cable allows you get professional sound quality to enhance your video footage. The benefits of this GoPro accessory are manifold. You can tuck it into your equipment bag with ease alongside your GoPro and microphone without compromising space. Ramp up GoPro usage by capturing the sounds of the open road, crashing waves or all the noises that make your adventure so special. Get high-quality interviews or catch every single audio reaction when you pair this auxiliary microphone cable with your favorite adventure camera. Explore our inventory of all the best GoPro accessories here at Adventure Designs.

3.5mm Mic Adapter for Hero3 by GoPro

Use this mic adapter to connect any external 3.5mm microphone to your HERO3 camera. For HERO3 camera only.

- 1 3.5mm Mic Adapter Cable