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BMW R1200GS Stainless Steel Engine Guards

BMW R1200GS Stainless Steel Engine GuardsBMW R1200GS Stainless Steel Engine GuardsBMW R1200GS Stainless Steel Engine GuardsBMW R1200GS Stainless Steel Engine GuardsBMW R1200GS Stainless Steel Engine GuardsBMW R1200GS Stainless Steel Engine GuardsBMW R1200GS Stainless Steel Engine Guards
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Have BMW Brand Engine Guard Hoops Installed?: 

Price: $299.99
Engine Guard Extensions for BMW R1200GS Standard 2004-2012 by Adventure Designs. Stainless Steel. MADE IN USAalready with BMW Engine Guard hoops installed.

Engine guards that wrap in front of the cylinder on your BMW R1200 GS often don’t provide enough protection from side impacts in off-road tipovers. The result can be a damaged cylinder head that leads to ride-ending oil leaks or, worse yet, a damaged valve train. Adventure Designs co-owner Chad Olson experienced just that scenario when he went down during an off-road competition. Protect the most vulnerable part of your BMW R1200GS’s boxer engine with stainless steel engine guard extensions that are designed by Adventure Designs and made in the United States. These engine guard extensions strengthen the entire assembly so it can better withstand side impacts and their stainless steel construction means they provide greater strength than aluminum engine guards. They not only look right on your BMW R1200GS, but they also can save you a lot of money and hassles the next time you take your BMW R1200GS into the dirt.

Adventure Designs co/owner Chad Olson, went down hard at low speed on his R1200GSA during an off-road competition and cracked the cylinder valve cover and completely mangled the aluminum BMW OEM valve cover guard. The damage was costly and ended his trip. Do not let this happen to you. Our engine guard extensions protect your cylinder valve covers and help prevent the costly expenditure of repairing a cracked valve cover or worse. The cylinder valve cover is the first place that makes contact with the ground when you fall to the side and that is usually where you fall 90% of the time.

The engine guard extensions provide the needed additional protection for the cylinder valve cover and also serves to strengthen the entire engine bar assembly. The guards are the only engine guard extensions on the market that utilize a strong stainless steel clamp to attach to the existing engine bars. The stainless steel clamps ensure a secure fit and match the overall look of the motorcycle. The lower strut of the guard extensions also provides protection for the lower spark plug, located in the bottom of the cylinder head.

These quality engine bar extensions are designed and built by Adventure Designs in the USA. We have tested them extensively. The bars are constructed completely of stainless steel. They are a perfect color match to the BMW Engine Bars and look like a factory original part when installed. Customers have been very happy with the fit and finish.

Product Details:

• Provides protection for the Cylinder Valve Cover in virtually every situation
• Fits Hexhead and DOHC 2004 through 2012 R1200GS's with BMW brand R1200GS engine protection bars already installed. (Does NOT fit New 2013 R1200GS Water-Cooled
• Fits over stock BMW aluminum adventure cylinder valve guards, X-Head valve guards, and most other aftermarket valve covers
• Provides additional protection for the lower spark plug and coil
• Provides an excellent mounting location for highway pegs and also serves as a foot rest
• The highest quality construction made from round stainless steel tubing.
• No reduction in ground clearance
• No modifications to the bike are needed
• Utilize solid stainless steel attachment clamps that secure to the existing engine bars
• Supplied complete with detailed instructions with pictures and the necessary hardware.
• Stainless steel hardware
• Backed by a one year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee
• Made and tested in the USA

Customer Feedback:

”Ok, I admit it, I drop my GSA frequently. I have dumped it in the mud, on dirt roads and the latest time I got ejected into the desert while blasting down a gravel road in the middle of Nevada. The bike landed with the left cylinder buried in the gravel on the side of the road. And since I have the Adventure Designs Engine Guard Extensions, not a scratch on my stock valve covers.

After numerous falls I have some deep gouges in the Engine Guard Extensions, but they are barely noticeable and you have to crawl under the bike to see them.

I would have spent way more replacing my valve covers than the cost of the Engine Guard Extensions. They are a great investment in protecting your bike from a ride ending punctured valve cover.

The Adventure Designs Engine Guard Extensions should be the first farkle you buy for your new bike!"
By Brian B
from Castro Valley, CA

"I just received your engine guards. They are excellent!! They fit well, look good, and you cannot tell they are not original equipment. As a member of the Canadian Military, many of us are into bikes. I think you will see a lot of business from up here."
Thanks Guys.
Victoria BC, Canada

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