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Clearwater LED Lights

LED lighting is perfect for Adventure Motorcycling. Simply, they last longer and draw less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, so you can add more auxiliary lighting without worrying about overloading your motorcycle's charging system. The most common phrase after a car-motorcycle crash is, "But officer, I never saw the motorcycle," so we all have good reason to add additional lighting for increased visibility for ourselves as well as so we can be better seen by others. Stop riding in the dark with the addition of Clearwater Lights to your motorcycle.
Clearwater DARLA High Powered 2000 Lumen LED Light Kit for BMW Canbus Systems (pair)
Price: $499.00
Clearwater DARLA High Powered 2000 Lumen LED Light Kit NON-CANBUS Systems (pair) DU2
Price: $499.00
Amber Acrylic Lens Cover / Protector for Clearwater Glenda & Darla Lights. Quick On & Off
Price: $35.00
Krista High Powered LED Lights for BMW Motorcycles by Clearwater Lights (pair)
Price: $649.00
Krista High Powered LED Lights with Plug & Play Fog Light Connector Kit for BMWR1200GSA by Clearwater Lights (pair)
Price: $649.00
Krista High Power LED UNIVERSAL (Non-BMW) Light Kit by Clearwater Lights (pair)
Price: $649.00
Clearwater ERICA 6000 Lumen Super High Powered LED R1200GSAdventure Oil Cooled Plug & Play Light Kit (Pair)
Price: $849.00
Clearwater ERICA 6000 Lumen Super High Power LED Light - BMW Universal
Price: $849.00
Clearwater ERICA 6000 Lumen Super High Power LED Light - Universal KTM Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha
Price: $849.00
Amber Acrylic Lens Covers / Protectors for Clearwater Krista & Erica Lights (pair). Quick On & Off
Price: $35.00
Light Covers for Krista and Erica Lights by Clearwater Lights (pair)
Price: $20.00
Light Bar by TechMount / PIAA for BMW R1200GS or R1200GSA without OEM fog lights
Price: $189.95
Clearwater New Version ANDIE Ultra Bright 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight Kit with Storage Box
Price: $120.00
Clearwater Voltage Sentry (CVS) Battery Monitoring Device
Price: $59.00
Clearwater Lights Crash Bar Mounting Brackets - Black (Pair)
Price: $50.00
Adventure Designs' selection of LED lights include the incredibly bright Clearwater light kits which put out impressively bright light from 800 lumens up to 6000 lumens. How bright is that? Freaking bright! Here is breakdown of the Clearwater lighting options:

Glenda: 800 Lumens Each 2" Diameter
Darla: 2000 Lumens Each 2" Diameter
Krista: 2400 Lumens Each 3.73" Diameter
Erica: 6000 Lumens Each 3.73" Diameter

Clearwater is the only light manufacturer who has created a special kit designed to work with the CANBUS electrical system found on newer BMWs, which is not compatible with all aftermarket lights. Clearwater light kits come with all necessary wiring and even include a dimmer switch. They are available in bike specific mounting configurations and even come with a choice of five bezel colors to complement your ride. All Clearwater light housings are made of aircraft-grade aluminum which has been thoughtfully and craftily CNC machined to perfection.

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