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Dispatch 1 Wireless Motorcycle Power Distribution and Management System by Arboreal Systems MADE IN USA

Dispatch 1 Wireless Motorcycle Power Distribution and Management System by Arboreal Systems MADE IN USADispatch 1 Wireless Motorcycle Power Distribution and Management System by Arboreal Systems MADE IN USADispatch 1 Wireless Motorcycle Power Distribution and Management System by Arboreal Systems MADE IN USA
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Price: $329.00
Dispatch 1 Wireless Motorcycle Power Distribution and Management Complete System Kit by Arboreal Systems MADE IN USA

Complete System: includes controller, distribution module, 1” RAM ball, 2 socketed inteconnect cables, and 2 bare end cables, and owner’s guide.

Dispatch 1 is the state of the art in electrical distribution and wireless management of electrical accessories.

It is:
* The world’s most advanced motorcycle heated garment controller.
* The world’s most advanced motorcycle lighting controller.
* The world’s most advanced motorcycle electrical distribution system.
* The world’s most advanced motorcycle accessory switching and control system.

Dispatch 1:
* Is a completely integrated electrical control center for your motorcycle.
* Is a versatile and powerful heated-garment and switched-circuit controller that manages up to 10 accessories from your cockpit.
* Includes USB and RJ11 outputs for directly powering smart phones, MP3 players, touch pads, GPS units and radar detectors.
* Is a controller for modulating/regulating auxiliary lighting.
* Is a replacement for 2 conventional fuse blocks It's software configurable for setting memory, post-shutdown operating parameters, voltage alarms, PWM rate, and much more.

Dispatch 1 is the next generation in motorcycle electronics. It integrates functionality that was previously available in only a number of stand alone devices into one elegant, efficient, and easy to use system.

- 4 ten amp heated garment circuits
- 2 ten amp switched outputs (for driving lights and similar)
- 3 “smart” power over USB outputs
- 1 RJ11 output for radar detectors

Power Distribution
- 60 amps total capacity
- Flexible allocation from 5-15 amps per circuit
- Highly efficient relay-less design
- Software configurable always live circuits
- Software configurable settings memory
- Software configurable voltage alarm and auto shutdown

Environmental Data
- Time, date, day
- Ambient temperature
- Motorcycle voltage

- Wireless link between controller and distribution module - Responsive controls
- One controller can control multiple distribution modules. Ideal for multi-bike households

- 2 modules, linked wirelessly; one to control the system and one to perform all the electrical control and distribution functions.
- Controller module has 4 tactile response buttons controlling an intelligent graphical user interface. Large transflective, backlit LCD display provides comprehensive control and environmental status.

-Provides an unprecedented level of integration of all 3rd party electrical accessories on a motorcycle.
-“Cleans up” the motorcycle cockpit by consolidating virtually all electrical controls into one sleek control center.
-Reliability is dramatically improved by the elimination of a large number of wires, switches, fuses, and relays.
-Since the controller can be easily removed when not required, risk of theft and vandalism is dramatically reduced. If you want your bike to be free of that hillbilly look, this is the answer.
-If you own more than one motorcycle, this is an extremely cost effective solution as you don’t need to duplicate many of the devices that would normally be required on both bikes.
-If you own a Schuberth helmet with Bluetooth, you now have a solution to charging without the need to find an AC outlet.
-An excellent solution for can-bus bikes like BMW's.
-Replaces 4 heated garment controllers, 3 USB adapters, an RJ11 adapter, 2 light switches, 3 relays, 6 switches, 6 fuses, a volt meter, a temperature gauge, a clock, and a whole lot of wire.
-Can be used equally well to regulate heated clothing, grips, seat pads...virtually anything.
- Can be used as a light modulator or light dimmer...your choice.
- Unlike hardware-based solutions, this product allows you to configure the system exactly to your preference via easy to use setup screens.

Configuration Capabilities Include:
- Time and date
- Choice of temperature display units of measure
- LCD contrast
- LCD/switch backlighting
- Settings memory
- Voltage alarm-auto shutdown
- Default environmental screen
- Default screen override
- Personal area network ID
- Circuits remaining on after shutdown
- Timers for after-shutdown circuits
- Pulse width modulation rate
- Variable/switched option for variable outputs
- Unlike hardware-based solutions, this product will grow over time with regular feature enhancements.

Customer & Media Feedback

Dispatch 1 Makes It to Alaska
"Jen Charles arrived in Fairbanks, Alaska after a looooong ride from Berkeley, CA. Her Suzuki DR650 was equipped with the Dispatch 1 and kept her warm and in communication with the rest of the world the whole way."

Dave Hembroff of the AMA recently used the Dispatch 1 on his epic Iron Butt ride with the following comments:
"By the way, my Dispatch 1 was the big hit during the Iron Butt Rally. It worked flawlessly for me in 48 states, over 17 days & nearly 20,000 miles. I wish I had it on my adventure bike. Already my fuse block and my heated gear controllers have blown up on my adventure bike not equipped with the Dispatch 1. The Dispatch 1 is the best farkle EVER."

"The Dispatch 1 is an electrical accessory miracle" -

"You have probably already deduced, from both parts of this posting, that I am really impressed with the Dispatch 1 system." -

"Arboreal Systems has developed the coolest system I've ever seen for managing all of your electrical farklery." -


Control unit: 4.25” wide by 3.5” high by 1.25” deep, water resistant, o-ring sealed
Distribution unit: 5.00” wide by 3.5” high by 1.60” deep

Control unit:
Wireless long range data, 4 sealed switches (million cycles), ambient light sensor

Distribution unit:
Wireless long range data
Wired inputs: DC in, trigger wire in, temperature sensor in
Wired outputs: Six 5.5mm x 2.5mm barrel connectors, 1 RJ11, 3 USB

Electrical Capacity/Protection
6-10 amp fused circuits, plus 2 additional fused circuits of 2 and 3 amps
Self-resetting smart-USB power controllers
Total system capacity of 750 watts

Distribution module can be deployed with or without the controller module
One controller can manage multiple distribution modules; economical solution for multiple bikes
Uses RAM mounting system
Weatherproof o-ring sealed control module
Smart USB outputs that allow for direct connection of modern power over USB devices such as iPhones, Droids, iPods, and GPS devices
Dedicated RJ11 output for popular radar detectors such as Valentine One and Escort models
Trigger circuitry that senses when the motorcycle’s electrical system is energized
Control unit is powered by 4 standard AA batteries, approximately 60 hours of run time
Automatic shutdown
Highly-efficient, highly-robust, long-range wireless data transmission
Extremely robust design and construction...100 amp FETs used to control 10 amp circuits
Highly efficient and reliable design uses no relays

Extensive user customization capabilities including:
- configurable battery voltage warning
- adjustable PWM
- post-shutdown live circuits/timers
- variable/switched option for variable outputs
- heat/switch settings memory
- unique system identifier
- Dispatch 1 is made in the USA
Dispatch 1 Wireless Motorcycle Power Distribution and Management System by Arboreal Systems MADE IN USA