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Expedition Kit

For riders and motorcycles to survive adventure motorcycling, it is vital to always be prepared. Fortunately, Giant Loop provides all the essential products you'll need for a reliable, rugged expedition kit. Whether you're looking for heated hand guards to brave the weather or an effective heat shield to protect your luggage from heat damage, Giant Loop designs and manufactures the simple, and often forgotten, accessories you'll need.
Giant Loop Rubber Boa Straps
Price: $25.00
Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps
Price: $15.00
Giant Loop Bushwackers Hand Guard Deflectors
Price: $39.00
Giant Loop Hot Springs Universal Heat Shield for Exhaust Canisters
Price: $30.00
Giant Loop Vinyl Protective Film
Price: $24.99
Giant Loop Gear Repair Kit
Price: $25.00
Giant Loop Possibles Pouch for Limitless Possibilities
Price: $50.00
On or off-road, a well-planned expedition kit can ensure your gear, your bike and your sanity stay intact. A handful of Giant Loop's multi-purpose Pronghorn Straps have a million applications, while Boa straps allow you to securely fasten gear to plastic dirt bike fenders. And no expedition kit would be complete without a gear repair kit to patch holes, seal seams and improvise fixes on the trail. Designed for riders by riders, Giant Loop's products provide the essential tools to keep you on the road, the trail and everywhere in between.
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