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FZ Wiring Kit for FZ1 Fuzeblock

FZ Wiring Kit for FZ1 Fuzeblock
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Item#   FZWireKit

Price: $33.99

FZ Wiring Kit for FZ1 Fuzeblock

When you need to set up your FZ-1 Fuse Block, nothing gets the job done like an FZ wiring kit. The FZ wiring kit is designed especially for the FZ-1 Fuse Block, and it contains all the components you need. You’ll find a 6-inch 12GA red wire with a ring terminal and a 30 A ATM inline fuse; a 6-inch 12GA black wire with a ring terminal; and a 6-inch 18GA yellow wire with a 3A ATM inline fuse. The kit also includes a 6-inch piece of wire harness webbing material, one Posi-Tap and zip ties.

The FZ wiring kit for the FZ-1 Fuse Block comes partially assembled, so it’s incredibly easy to install. All you need to do is cut the wires, add the harness webbing and zip tie it all into place. Even better, the whole kit is made in the U.S.

Kit Contents:
- 6' 12GA Red w/Ring Terminal & 30A ATM inline fuse
- 6' 12GA Black w/Ring Terminal
- 6' 18GA Yellow w/3A ATM inline fuse
- 6' Wire Harness Webbing
- 1 Posi-Tap, EX-150B
- Zip Ties