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GoPro 3D Glasses (5 pack) Part Number: A3DGL-501

GoPro 3D Glasses (5 pack) Part Number: A3DGL-501
GoPro 3D Glasses (5 pack) Part Number: A3DGL-501Send to a Friend
Item#   A3DGL-501

Price: $4.99
The GoPro 3-D glasses 5-pack is perfect for reviewing the digital video from your GoPro 3 D camera system. Relive every exciting hill, jump, twist and turn of your latest ride with the GoPro 3-D glasses. The 5-pack ensures that you can enjoy the memories from the trip with your friends. The GoPro 3-D glasses feature the red/blue anaglyph method for viewing three-dimensional videos. Anaglyph 3D images contain two differently filtered colored images, one for each eye. These GoPro glasses create a three-dimensional effect is produced when these scenes are viewed with two correspondingly colored filters matching the colors in the image.

You can view 3-D video or printed images on a 3-D TV or computer screen. They will ensure that you get the full effect. They also will give you the full 3-D effect of videos filmed with any other 3-D camera system. The GoPro 3-D Hero system synchronizes two 2-D Hero cameras, which facilitates the recording of both 2-D and 3-D video simultaneously. The cameras can be joined with a special synchronization cable to join the camera and allow them to record in sync. With the GoPro 3-D glasses, you will be all set to enjoy your ride again. The 3-D GoPro glasses provide 3-D viewing for all 3-D films and print media. This set includes five pairs of red/blue GoPro 3-D glasses.

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What’s Included:

* 3D Glasses (5-Pack)
GoPro 3D Glasses (5 pack) Part Number: A3DGL-501