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GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts

GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts
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Item#   AGBAG-001

Price: $19.99
GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts

One of the advantages of GoPro cameras is the huge range of mounting options available that let you experiment with different camera angles, whether you mount your GoPro Hero to any part of your motorcycle, your helmet, your chest or some other spot. If you're looking for even more mounting options to add more variety to your videos, the GoPro grab bag of mounts gives you even greater flexibility. This kit includes one flat 3M adhesive mount, a curved 3M adhesive mount, a quick-release buckle for horizontal surfaces, a J-hook buckle for vertical surfaces, a thumb knob with stainless steel nut and bolt hardware, a pivot arm assembly, a quick-release vibration plug and a leash tether for extra security. The parts in this GoPro grab bag will allow a variety of mounting options on your helmet, bodywork, saddlebags, windshield, or anywhere your creativity takes you. GoPro mounts let you spice up your videos with exciting new angles and perspectives.

The Grab Bag is bag of add-on parts is for GoPro quick-release camera owners wanting more mounts.

If you want to expand your mounting options for your GoPro HD Hero, Wide Hero, or Standard Hero Camera this bag will set you up. It includes 1 flat surface base plate, 1 curved base plate, a thumb knob and stainless steel hardware, 1 quick release buckle, 1 pivot arm assembly, 1 quick-release vibration plug, 1 leash tether, and a vertical J mount for mounting your camera on a vertical wall surface like a car bumper, wall, back of helmet, or similar.

What's Included:

* 1 Flat, 3Mô Adhesive Mount
* 1 Curved, 3Mô Adhesive Mount
* 1 Horizontal Surface Quick-Release Buckle
* 1 Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle
* 1 Thumb Knob with Nut and Bolt
* 1 Pivot Arm Assembly
* 1 Quick-Release/Vibration Plug
* 1 Leash Tether
* Warranty: One Year

Model Number: AGBAG-001
Construction: polycarbonate
Hardware: stainless steel nuts and bolts
Adhesive: 3Mô VHB 4991 double-sided strips