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Kaoko Friction Cruise Control fits Most Motorcycles

Kaoko® Friction Cruise Control for Most Motorcycles ***Please Select Your BikeKaoko® Friction Cruise Control for Most Motorcycles ***Please Select Your BikeKaoko® Friction Cruise Control for Most Motorcycles ***Please Select Your BikeKaoko® Friction Cruise Control for Most Motorcycles ***Please Select Your BikeKaoko® Friction Cruise Control for Most Motorcycles ***Please Select Your BikeKaoko® Friction Cruise Control for Most Motorcycles ***Please Select Your Bike
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Price: $139.95
Kaoko® Friction Cruise Control for Most Motorcycles

Adding cruise control to most motorcycles ranges somewhere between impossible and outrageously expensive, but a friction-style cruise can be an affordable option. The best friction cruise control in our experience is the Kaoko motorcycle cruise control. The friction nut on the Kaoko cruise control has a left-hand thread, so you can grip it with your palm and small finger when you roll on the throttle and tighten it to the tension needed to maintain the throttle in the desired position. The friction nut won’t prevent you from turning the throttle, but it will add resistance to the movement. Disengage by gripping the friction nut as before and rolling off the throttle. The Kaoko friction cruise control can be fitted to many motorcycles and reduces rider fatigue and strain on your hand and wrist on long rides.

Features & Benefits:
* Greatly reduces rider fatigue and strain on hand and wrist
* While cruising, rider is able to remove hand from throttle grip, throttle opening will remain as set
* Very simple to operate, even with heavy winter gloves
* High quality, compact and durable design, super smooth action
* Takes less than 5 minutes to fit
* Very little maintenance is required
* Less wear and tear on throttle cables and linkages
* Can result in reduced fuel consumption

To install, just remove the right hand bar weight (if your motorcycle has a bar weight), replace it with Kaoko's bar weight (if applicable), apply lock tight, and firmly tighten the central retaining screw.

The friction nut has a left-hand thread. It must be adjusted so that it makes light contact with the rubber throttle sleeve.

To Engage: While rolling on the throttle, the friction nut can be gripped between the small finger and palm of hand. This action tightens the nut and provides sufficient friction to set throttle to the desired opening. (The friction is such that the rider may still open and close the throttle. It simply has a slight stiffness to it.)

To Disengage: While rolling off the throttle, grip friction nut between small finger and palm of hand. The throttle should open and snap closed freely when correctly disengaged.

Kaoko™ Safety Warning: The Kaoko™ Cruise Control is an aftermarket accessory. Any misunderstood, abused or incorrectly installed motorcycle accessory is a safety hazard that could cause injury or death. It’s the rider’s responsibility to understand the operation and purpose for which the Kaoko™ Cruise Control is designed, namely, for cruising, only when safe to do so. At all other times the control should be disengaged. The Kaoko™ Cruise Controls are to be used only by experienced and responsible riders. Below you will find fitment by bike model.

BMW Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.CCF400-08 BMW R1200GS '08-'12, R1200GS Adventure '08-'13, & R1200ST '08-'13 (models with 80mm long bar end weight retaining bolt) Note: Please measure your original bar end weight central retaining bolt prior to ordering. This part is for bar ends that require 80mm long retaining bolt. If 90mm long is needed please order KAO.CCF400.
KAO.CCF400-13WC BMW R1200GS LC '13-'14 & R1200GS LC Adventure '14
KAO.CCF500 BMW K1300(S/R), K1200(S/R), R1200(S/R), R1200RT '10-'13, F700GS '13'-14, F800GS '13-'14, & F800GS Adventure '14 (w/o OEM steel backbone handguards, w/ OEM plastic handguards, or w/ Barkbuster BHG40.2 Handguards)
KAO.CCF100 BMW K1300GT, K1200GT, R1200RT '05-'09, R1150RT, R1150R, R1150GS, R1150GS Adventure, R1100RT, R1100R, R1100GS, R850GS, R850R (with or without Barkbusters Handguards)
KAO.KBB700-S BMW F650GS '08-'12, F800GS '08-'12, F800R '09-'12, R1200ST '05-'08, R1200GS '04-'12, & R1200GS Adventure '06-'13 (with Barkbusters BHG32 Handguards)
KAO.CCF900 BMW F800GS '08-'12, & F650GS '08-'12 (with OEM steel backbone Handguards)
KAO.CCF915 BMW C600 '13, & C650GT '13
KAO.CCF916 BMW F800GT '13-'14
KAO.CCF120 BMW G650GS '11-'14, & G650GS Sertao '12-'14 (with or without OEM or Barkbuster BHG45 hand guards)
KAO.CCF400 BMW R1200GS '04-'08, R1200GS Adventure '06-'08, & R1200ST '05-'08 (with or without OEM or Touratech Handguards)
KAO.CCF300 BMW F650GS '00-'07, F650GS Dakar '00-'07, F650CS '02-'06, & G650GS '09-'10 (models with OEM heated grips)
KAO.CCF700 BMW F800GS '08-'12, F650GS '08-'12, & F800R '09-'12 (models without handguards or with retro-fitted BMW R1200GS or Touratech handguards)
KAO.CCF910 BMW F700GS & F800GS, '13-'14, F800 GS Adv, '14
KAO.CCF800 BMW F800S '06-'10, & F800ST '06-'13 (models with cap screw in counter bored bar end weight)
KAO.KBB500 BMW F650GS '00-'07, F650GS Dakar '00-'07, & G650GS '09-'13 with heated grips (with Barkbuster BHG10 Handguards)
KAO.CCF110 BMW S1000RR '10-'13
KAO.KBB400 BMW R1200GS '04-'12, R1200GS Adventure '06-'13, & R1200ST '05-'08 (with Barkbusters BHG8 or BHG12 Handguards)
KAO.CCF600 BMW F800S '06-'10, & F800ST '06-'13 (models with with countersunk screw in bar end weight)
KAO.CCF300U BMW F650GS '00-'07, F650GS Dakar '00-'07, F650CS '02-'06, & G650GS '09-'13 (models without OEM heated grips)
KAO.CCF600C BMW R1200C, & R1200CL (Chrome finish)
KAO.CCF130 BMW K1600GT '11-'13, & K1600GTL '11-'13
KAO.KBB600 BMW F650GS '04-'07, G650GS '09-'14, & G650GS Sertao '12-'14 (with Barkbuster Handguards)
KAO.KTMADHP2 BMW HP2 (also with Touratech Handguards)

KTM Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.KTMAD KTM 990 Adventure, 990SMR, 990SMT, 950 Adventure, 950 Super Enduro, 950 Supermoto, 690E, 690SE, 690SM, & 640 Adventure (with OEM or Touratech Handguards)
KAO.KBBAD KTM 1190 Adventure, 990 Adventure, 990SMT, 990SMR, 950 Adventure, 950 Super Enduro, 950 Supermoto, 690 Enduro, 690SE, 690SM, & 640 Adventure (with Barkbusters Handguards)
KAO.KTMRC KTM 1190 RC8/R Sportbikes
KAO.KTM100 KTM 690 Duke/R, 990 Super Duke/R, 690R/SMC Supermoto, 690SM, 690SMR, 990R/T Supermoto, 950SM, 950SMR, & 950SMT (without Handguards & with bar end weights)

Triumph Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.TIGXC Triumph Tiger 800 '11-'13, & 800XC '11-'13 (with OEM handguards)
KAO.TIG100 Triumph Street Triple '13-'14, Tiger 800 '11-'13, 800XC '11-'13, & Explorer 1200 '12-'13 (with Barkbusters handguards or without handguards)
KAO.TIG1050 Triumph Tiger 1050 (with or without OEM or Barkbuster S1 or S7 Handguards)
SKU: KAO.BONI Triumph Bonneville America '02-'13, Bonneville '01-'13, Bonneville T100 '02-'13, & Speedmaster '03-'13
KAO.TROCIII Triumph Rocket III (all models)
KAO.TST1050 Triumph Sprint GT 1050, Sprint ST 1050, Sprint ST 955, & Sprint RS 955
KAO.TBIRDSS Triumph Thunderbird 1600 '11-'13 (with Stainless Steel OEM End Wieghts)
KAO.SCRAM Triumph Scrambler 900 '06-'11, & Bonneville SE '10-'13 (with mag wheels)
KAO.TBIRD Triumph Thunderbird 1600 '09-'10
KAO.THRUX Triumph Thruxton 900 & Street Triple 675 '08-'12, & Street Triple 675R '08-'12
KAO.SPTRIP11 Triumph Speed Triple '11-'13
KAO.SPTRIP Triumph Speed Triple 955 '97-'04, & Speed Triple 1050 '05-'10
KAO.TIG955 Triumph Tiger 955i ‘01-'06

Kawasaki Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.KAW200 Kawasaki Ninja 650R, ER6N, ER6F, Versys 650, KLR650E '08-'13, ZX12, ZX14, ZZR1400, & GTR1400 Concours (with or without OEM handguards)
KAO.KBB300 Kawasaki KLR650E, Ninja 650R, ER6N, Versys, GTR1400 Concours, Z750S, Z750R '04-'09, Z1000 '03-'09, ZZR1100, ZZR1200, & ZRX1200R (with Barkbusters Handguards)
KAO.SUZ100 Kawasaki KLR650A '86-'07
KAO.UNIKIT17-4 Kawasaki KLR650A '86-'07 (with or without OEM or Barkbusters Handguards)
KAO.KAW160 Kawasaki Z1000 '11-'13, & Ninja 1000 '11-'13 (models with parallel 37.8mm OD bar end weights)
KAO.KBB220 Kawasaki Versys 650 '10-'13, & Versys 1000 '12-'13 (with Barkbuster BHG46.2 Handguards and B56 Bar End Weights)
KAO.KAW400 Kawasaki Ninja 636, ZX-6R. ZX-7R, ZX9, ZX10, & ZX10R '04-'11 (models with 22mm or 30mm OD bar weights & 17mm diameter threads)
KAO.KAW100 Kawasaki Z750 '03-'09, Z750R '03-'09, Z1000 '03-'09, ZZR1100, ZZR1200, & ZRX1200R (models with tapered bar end weights)

Yamaha Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.YAM630 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré '11-'13 (with OEM or Barkbuster BHG40 Handguards)
KAO.YAM300 Yamaha FZ1 '01-'10, FZ6, TDM850, TDM900, XJR1200, XJR1300, & MT01 (black YAM300 or silver finish YAM300S)
KAO.YAM500 Yamaha FJR1300, R1, & R6 '06-'13
KAO.YAMLINER Yamaha Roadliner, Stratoliner, Raider, & Midnight-Star
KAO.YAMSTAR Yamaha V-Star, Road Star '04-'13, XVS950A, & XVS1300A
KAO.YAM700 Yamaha V-Max '09-'13

Suzuki Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.VS1000UW Suzuki DL650 V-Strom '04-'11, & DL1000 V-Strom '02-'13 (with or without OEM handguards)
KAO.VS1000UW-S Suzuki DL650 V-Strom '12-'13 with OEM handguards, & DL1000 V-Strom '02-'13 with or without OEM handguards
KAO.KBB200REV1 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom & DL1000 V-Strom with Barkbusters Handguards
KAO.SUZ100 Suzuki B-King, Bandit GSF1250(A/FA/SA), GSF1200, GSF650(A/S/N/SA), GSF600(S/N), TL1000(S/R), GSX-R1000, GSX-R750, GSX-R600, GSX650(F/FA), GSR750, GSR650, GSR600A, SV650, SV650SF, & Kawasaki KLR650A '86-'07
KAO.SUZ400.Q Suzuki AN650 Burgman, Burgman Deluxe, & Burgman Executive available in black (SUZ400) or chrome (SUZ400C).
KAO.VS650W-S Suzuki DL650 V-Strom '12-'13, without OEM handguards
KAO.SUZ200 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa '99-'07, GSX650F ‘08-'13, GSXF750 Katana, & GSX600F Katana
KAO.VS650W Suzuki DL650 '04-'11, & DL1000 V-Strom '02-'03 (without bar end mounted handguards)
KAO.SUZ200-08 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa '08-'13
KAO.VS1000UWPT Suzuki DL650 Vstrom, & DL1000 V-Strom (with Pro-Taper Handlebars & OEM handguards)
KAO.SUZTC Suzuki Boulevard C90, C50, M50, Intruder VS800, M800, C800C, VL800C, LC1500, & Marauder VZ1600 (Torpedo style, chrome finish with opposite side bar end weight) $199.99
KAO.DR650SE Suzuki DR650SE, '96-'13 (without handguards)
KAO.SUZ300 Suzuki SV1000S & SV1000N

Ducati Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.DUC100 Ducati 748, 848, 916, 996, 998, 999, 1098, 1198, Streetfighter '10-'13, Streetfighter S '10-'13, Multistrada 1200 '10-'13, Multistrada 1200S '10-'13, Monster 1100 ABS '10-'13, & Monster 696 '13
KAO.DUCST Ducati ST3, ST3S, ST4, Multistrada 1100 '04-'09, 1100S '04-'09, 1000GT Sport Classic, Monster S2 '04-'13, S2R '04-'13, S4R '04-'13, S4RS '04-'13, & Diavel '11-'13
KAO.DUC101 Ducati Multistrada 1200 '10-'13, & 1200S '10-'13 (fitted with Barkbusters BLG12 Handguards)
KAO.DUC105 Ducati 1100 EVO '08-'12, 848 EVO '08-'13, & Monster 796 ABS '10-'13, (for 14mm ID Handlebar, includes matching left hand side Bar-End weight)

Honda Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.HND31 Honda Gold Wing F6B '13, VFR800 '02-'06, CBR1000RR, & CBR1100XX Blackbird (models with 31mm OD bar end weights, black HND31 or silver finish HND31S)
KAO.KBB200REV1 Honda XL1000V Varadero, XRV750 Africa Twin, XL600V, XL650V, XL700V Transalp, NC700X with Barkbusters Handguards
KAO.HNDVARAOXF Honda XL1000V Varadero, & XRV750 Africa Twin (with Original Grips OR Oxford Heated Grips)
KAO.HND100 Honda NC700X '12-'13
KAO.HNDST Honda ST1300, & ST1300 Pan European
KAO.HND28 Honda CBR1000RR '06-'13, CBR600RR '02-'07, 599, VFR1200F '10-'13, & VFR1200FD '10-'13 (models with 19mm ID bars and 28mm OD bar end weights)
KAO.HNDNT Honda NT700V Deauville '09-'10
KAO.T Honda VTX1800, Shadow Sabre, Shadow Aero, Shadow American, & VT1100T (in black or chrome) (includes Bar-End Weights) $199.99
KAO.HNDFJS Honda Silver Wing 600 '08-'13
KAO.HND30-17 Honda CB600 Hornet, CBF600, CB1000R, CB1000, CB1000F, & CB1300 (models with 30mm OD bar weights and 17mm ID handle bars)
KAO.HND30-19 Honda CBR600RR '09-'13, CB1100 '13 (models with 30mm OD bar weights and 19mm ID handlebar)

CanAm Spyder Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.CAN100 Can-Am Spyder Roadster '07-'12
KAO.CAN100S Can-Am Spyder Roadster (with aftermarket Custom Dynamics or No Magic Neon handlebar riser)
KAO.CAN200 Can-Am Spyder RT '13, & Spyder ST '13

Moto-Guzzi Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.MOTOBRE Moto-Guzzi Breva V850, Breva V1100, Breva V1200, & Norge 1200
KAO.STELHG Moto-Guzzi Norge 850, & Stelvio NTX (with OEM Hand Guards)

Aprillia Kaoko Fitment:
KAO.APR300 Aprilia RSV1000 R/RR/Factory '08-'13, Mana 850, Tuono '05-'13, Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200, Stelvio NTX, & BMW G650 Xcountry, '07-'09 (models with A/F Hex Nut threaded insert)
KAO.APR400 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 '09-'13, & Dorsoduro 1200 '11-'13 (with OEM Handguards)
KAO.CAPO Aprilia ETV1000 Caponord '04-'06 (models with handguards)
KAO.PEGA Aprilia Pegaso 650 '99-'05, & ETV1000 Caponord '01-'03