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Klim Winter Snow Gear

We Have the LARGEST SELECTION of IN STOCK Klim Winter / Snow / Snowmobile Gear in Northern California.

Please call or email us three days prior to your visit letting us know what you are looking for, and then come by to TEST FIT & PURCHASE any of the 2017 Klim Winter Gear.

**FREE USA SHIPPING to USA Lower 48 on All Klim Brand Products**

New Klim Snow Products
Klim Outerwear - Shells
Klim Outerwear - Insulated
We know and trust klim for making the worlds best motorcycle protective gear... but did you know that Klim began with roots in the snow world? It is true, before they came to our motorcycle arena Klim was the leader in the Snowmobile / Winter Apparel market. Check out all of the 2017 Klim Winter Gear line of products.

Whether you need a Klim jacket, pants, gloves or any other piece of cold weather gear, you'll find it in our huge online catalog. We have base layers, mid layers, technical shells and insulated outerwear as well as boots and other accessories for added protection and warmth.

And, our extensive selection of Klim products doesn't end with Klim winter gear, we are Klim's Largest West Coast motorcycle gear retailer. We have hip tool packs, heavy-duty tow straps and S.O.L. survival packs by Klim, too - so we're your Klim technical riding gear headquarters.

When you've made your selections, simply add them to your cart. We'll ask for your shipping and payment information during our secure checkout process - and once we have that, we'll process your order immediately and send everything out as soon as possible.