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Tall Adventure Windscreen for BMW R1200GS Adventure

Tall Adventure Windscreen for BMW R1200GSAdventure by Moose. Made in USA
Tall Adventure Windscreen for BMW R1200GSAdventure by Moose. Made in USASend to a Friend
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Price: $78.95
Tall Adventure Windscreen for BMW R1200GSAdventure by Moose. Made in USA.

Riders annoyed by excessive wind buffeting can significantly reduce wind fatigue by replacing their OEM windscreen with a taller and wider windscreen. For a more enjoyable ride, BMW R1200GS owners can benefit with the addition of a Tall Adventure Windscreen for BMW R1200GS by Moose. Made in U.S., the BMW R1200GS windscreen is available in three different heights to accommodate a rider's size: stock, two inches taller than stock and four inches taller than the OEM size. Constructed with .118 and .117 aircraft quality Lucite acrylic, the replacement windscreens are also more durable and optically clearer than OEM windscreens.

- Made from .118 and .177 Lucite aircraft quality acrylic
- Material is more rigid and optically clearer than stock OEM windscreens
- Available in three different heights: stock, stock + 2 inches, and stock + 4 inches (pictured).
- Made in the USA

Installation and Care Tips:
1) When installing on a BMW R1200GSA you will NOT need or use the OEM stock metal spacers or rubber washers. Please only use the OEM stock screws and tightening knob to install the windscreen. First, gently tighten the two middle bolts then gently flex the windscreen so the far right and far left bolts/knobs line up and then gently tighten.
2) As with all windscreens, please DO NOT over tighten the bolts/screws or excessively bend the windscreen. If you over tighten bolts the windscreen will crack and fracture around the mount holes over time. If you excessively bend the windscreen it will likely crack and break.
3) Please DO NOT use lock tight on the windscreen or its mounting bolts. Lock tight will chemically break down the windscreen.
4) When fitting the windscreen, please leave all bolts loose until all bolts are lined up and attached. Once all bolts are lined up, please gently and gradually tighten each bolt being very careful NOT to over tighten.
5) If the mount holes or OEM stock hardware do not seem to be lining up and fitting DO NOT attempt to drill the windscreen in any way. You will damage and break the windscreen. Please call us or the manufacturer first for fitment support.
6) As with all windscreens, to clean and remove bugs and dirt, please first soak the windscreen completely with plenty of water and let stand for 10-15 minutes so the bugs and dirt can soften first. Once the bugs and dirt soften, gently use and a very soft and clean micro fiber cloth to wipe the bugs and dirt away. Use plenty of water when cleaning and rinsing the windscreen. DO NOT use paper, paper towels, dirty rags, old rags, or any other abrasive rags or cloths to wipe and/or clean any windscreen. Abrasive cloths, rags, or paper towels will permanently leave very fine scratches in any windscreen that cannot be removed.

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