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Neutrino Black Box by Arboreal Systems

If you're looking to make your motorcycle more fun to ride, cut the clutter and make your life more comfortable, take a look at the products from Arboreal Systems that Advanced Designs carries. These products take motorcycle riding to the next level.
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Neutrino Black Box Element Plus or Aurora Plus with Cockpit App: Next-Generation Power Distribution. MADE IN USA.
Price: $249.99
USB Y Adapter for the Neutrino Black Box by Arboreal Systems
Price: $34.99
Neutrino Servo Adapter
Price: $49.95
Neutrino Garage Door Adapter
Price: $49.99
Mo-Door Universal Garage Door Module - Single Door Unit
Price: $79.99
The Dispatch 1 wireless motorcycle power distribution and management kit, for instance, lets you wirelessly manage the electrical accessories on your bike. Forget about all those wires. With this kit, which is made in the U.S., you can control your heated garments, motorcycle lights, electrical distribution system and switching and control system. You can configure this kit exactly the way you want to run whatever you want to control from your cockpit, including smartphones, GPS units, radar detectors and more.

Besides decreasing clutter, this kit also improves reliability by eliminating many wires, switches, fuses and relays. Adventure Designs also carries many accessories for Arboreal Systems products, including custom dry bags and interconnect cables. If you have questions about how Arboreal Systems products can improve your life, just contact the experts at by filling in and submitting our quick and easy online questions form.