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Dajo Survivor Knife

Dajo Survivor Knife
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Price: $38.95
Dajo Survivor Knife

The Survivor was designed to be a fairly compact minimalist survival knife and it’s the real deal. The knife is a solid full tang design with a G-10 handle ready to take plenty of abuse. The notch in the back of the blade is designed to act as a striker for the included Swedish FireSteel®. The sheath can be mounted vertically or horizontally and holds the Swedish FireSteel®, emergency whistle, and five feet of cord. It can even be fashioned into a spear with the included cord.


* 57-HRC stainless-steel drop-point blade and solid full tang stand up to the abuse of heavy outdoor use and survival situations.
* Durable G-10 polymer handle offers a secure grip.
* Special notch on the back of the blade acts as a fire-starting striker when used with the included Swedish FireSteel®.
* Dajo Survivor knife comes with a sheath, emergency whistle and 5 ft. of cord.


* Weight 6 ounces
* Knife blade type Straight edge
* Blade length 3.6", total length 7.5"
* Handle material Polymer
* Blade material Stainless Steel