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Neutrino Black Box Element Plus or Aurora Plus with Cockpit App: Next-Generation Power Distribution. MADE IN USA.
Price: $249.99

Electrical components (whether add-on or OEM) on a motorcycle are continually exposed to the elements and vibrations from the road. Over time, they can begin to work intermittently or completely fail, causing you plenty of headaches along the way. You can protect these components, reduce wire clutter on your bike, and funnel all of your electrical hookups into one central location with the Dispatch 1, an all-in-one power distribution and management system. It features:

  • A winter glove-friendly interface
  • USB and RJ11 outputs for smartphones and other tech accessories
  • A 60-amp total handling capacity
  • A voltage alarm to inform you of surges
This device is designed to oversee all of the electrical components on your bike, keeping them operating properly and allowing you to easily replace fuses or troubleshoot problems in the event of a failure. This handy device will not only save you time, but it will also save you hours when you launch a repair. When you're mid-trip and experience a key electrical failure, you want to be able to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Thanks to this system, you can.