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Helite Airnest Turtle Airbag Vest

Helite Airnest Turtle Airbag VestHelite Airnest Turtle Airbag VestHelite Airnest Turtle Airbag VestHelite Airnest Turtle Airbag VestHelite Airnest Turtle Airbag VestHelite Airnest Turtle Airbag VestHelite Airnest Turtle Airbag VestHelite Airnest Turtle Airbag Vest
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Price: $629.00

Helite Airnest Turtle Airbag Vest

Adventure Designs co-owners, Chad and Karsten Olson, will now never ride without a Helite Airbag Vest. Why?... Chad crashed very hard off-road in November 2015 on his BMW and believes his Helite Airbag Vest literally saved his neck. He was thrown over his handlebars at 30 mph, the airbag vest deployed, he landed on his head and the airbag saved his neck and torso from possible catastrophic injury. Because of the airbag vest, he got up, re-loaded the airbag vest, and finished the two day ride. Available in Black or Hi Viz, re-loads in 5 minutes, and fits over any riding jacket.

This Adult Airnest vest has an integrated CE approved Knox back protector plus tether for one person motorcycle application.

In the event of an accident, the airbag deploys utilizing a 100% mechanical trigger. This results in maximum reliability with no maintenance. Upon activation, a spring loaded piston pierces the C02 cartridge and rapidly inflates the airbag around the neck and body.

The air chambers are designed to stabilize the neck, spine and torso and reduce the force of impacts to vital organs.

After deployment the system can be reloaded with a fresh C02 cartridge and be ready to protect the rider again.

Testing & Certification
The Helite system has been tested by independent labs, universities and certification authorities and has consistently emerged as the best performing personal airbag available. With deployment times under 100ms, Helite protects quicker than any other mechanically triggered airbag.

Helite airbags have been used on streets and racetracks around the world for over 15 years and have prevented countless injuries. Now available integrated into full leather jackets and high-visibility vests, in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every rider.

Helite was founded in 2001 by Gérard Thevenot, an early pioneer in the light aircraft industry. Gérard won the French innovation cup for developing the first personal airbag system for light aircraft pilots, and subsequently continued developing the technology for motorcyclists and equestrians. Using his 35+ years of engineering experience, Gérard has continually improved the Helite system, making it the only motorcycle airbag in the world to obtain full CE certification.

Helite airbags have the quickest mechanical trigger and inflation device in the world, with full deployment in under 100ms. Rigorous testing in the laboratory and in the real world continues to affirm Helite as the world leader in personal airbag technology.

With sizes from Child Small to Adult XL+, we have the perfect size for any rider and any riding style.

To determine your size, measure your chest circumference just beneath your armpits with your usual riding gear on. Then measure your waist, also with your usual riding pants on. You can then compare your measurements to our size chart below in the images.

You'll notice some overlap between sizes. With the range of vest adjustments possible, it is very likely that you can comfortably fit in two sizes. Deciding which to order will depend on your usage- if you require extra room for extra clothing layers, go with the larger size. If you'll only be wearing the vest with lighter layers or a leather racing suit, we suggest opting for the smaller size.

Sizing exchanges are no hassle and free of charge! If, after you've received your vest you decide you'd prefer a larger or smaller size just let us know and we'll ship you a new size and a return shipping label to return the original.

If you have any questions about sizing please contact us.