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Klim TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet 2019

Klim TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet 2019Klim TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet 2019Klim TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet 2019Klim TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet 2019Klim TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet 2019Klim TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet 2019Klim TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet 2019Klim TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet 2019
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Item#   TK1200-3768-000
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Price: $599.99
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Klim TK1200 Full Karbon Helmet 2019

Boasting a full carbon fiber shell in a modular design, the Klim TK1200 Helmet is a technical knockout. The heat-polymerised molded carbon shell affords ample creature comforts while barely tipping the scales. Normally, modular helmets are heavier and louder than comparable full-face helmets. In the pioneering spirit characteristic of the name, Klim has elevated the standard for premium touring comfort and convenience in a lightweight package that will allow you to enjoy a longer, more pleasurable ride. The intelligent ventilation scheme achieves abundant airflow and diminishes heat without compromising the Aero Acoustically engineered environment, realizing heightened rider focus. Equipped with a Transitions face shield and Pinlock lens, the Klim TK1200 Modular Helmet is prepared for all weather conditions, any time of day or night. Whether you are up against sunglare, wind, fog or fatigue, the Klim TK 1200 Helmet has been purposefully designed to eliminate any obstacles that may attempt to hinder your adventure.

- Transitions face shield with included Pinlock lens insert
- Heat-polymerised pre-impregnated carbon fiber weave
- Intelligent ventilation
- Aero Acoustic tuned interior
- Removable and washable, moisture wicking, hypoallergenic 3D comfort liner
- Quick release micro-metric buckle closure
- Break-away chin bar reduces force upon the head and neck in the event of a crash with the modular system in the open position
- ECE 22-05 certified

Customer Reviews:

5 Stars 11/17/2016 9:26 pm
Insanely Light and no more sunglasses!

by olmanswift
The TK1200 is better than any other lid I have owned. My wife and I both wear the TK1200. The cheek pads make comfortable contact along the jaw bone. Other helmets have pushed uncomfortably on the cheeks all the way to the cheeks bones. The Transitions visor goes dark quite fast. This visor replaces the need for any other sun glasses. The chin vent is pulled down to open, this took a bit to get used to as it is reverse of what I was used to. The chin release button moves up to actuate instead of inward. Ventilation is good. The visor stays in the first several click spots away from the locked closed position without being pushed shut by the wind. By locking the visor in the closed position the noise diminishes and even at freeway speeds the noise level is manageable. I use ear plugs only for longer rides at speed. The helmet is insanely light, but I do not get any air turbulence vibrating the helmet even at 90 MPH. I ride both a Power Cruiser and a full bagger.
,b>5 Stars 1/30/2017 10:04 am
Part 1 - The TK1200 is quickly becoming the best helmet I have worn!
by Dr5150CO
1000 character limit on a review is not enough for this helmet.
I ride around 10-15k miles a year on my Harley RoadGlide throughout Colorado and the surrounding states.

The clarity and overall visibility with the transitions shield is amazing!
It adjusts quickly and smoothly enough that to truly appreciate the speed and darkness you just need to open the shield after being in sunlight for about 20 seconds. It has not taken much time to forget about fighter pilot drop downs.
To my eye the shield has a very slight amber tint, not enough to distort any colors but enough to bring clarity on a slight overcast day.
The shield provides excellent field of view both peripheral and vertical. I found myself not needing to swivel my head as much to see the traffic beside me.
The first open position on the shield almost looks as if it is still shut allowing for a rush of fresh air to be pushed through the helmet. None of the positions were pushed shut by the wind.
5 Stars 1/30/2017 10:05 am

by Dr5150CO
WOW, it seems much lighter than ˝ pound less than most helmets.
The fit is very comfortable, cheek pads snap in/out in a normal manner.
There are ear-pads that can also be added in conjunction with the cheek pads to help dampen the road noise.
There is a small removable section of the core impact liner at the rear bottom of the helmet that when removed keeps my ponytail from pressing in to the back of my head.
The neck roll is a bit difficult to remove/re-install.
This made installing the Harley-Davidson CB communications mount a bit difficult. I did have to enlarge the cutouts for the speakers slightly by compressing the liner a very small amount.
5 Stars 1/30/2017 10:09 am

by Dr5150CO
Chin bar:
Being a Harley rider we tend to choose "interesting" hydration methods. I use a Contigo insulated 20oz bottle. The chin bar is positioned low so I do not need to open the helmet fully to take a drink.
The chin bar allows enough room for the mic on my comm kit to fit inside the helmet easily. This also leaves room for use of a CamelBak without opening the helmet fully.
To open the helmet is a simple push up on the button in the center.
The chin bar does open to a normal position but can be rotated all the way to the back of the helmet with a slightly harder push. A safety feature to keep from injuring the neck if something happens while the helmet is open.
Installation of the chin curtain is where I wish I had a small diagram for accessory installation.
The chin curtain was not installed on mine out of the box. It does just snap in and out, but without documentation I was hesitant to just pull the trim apart.
5 Stars 1/30/2017 10:11 am
by Dr5150CO
Road noise:
My Harley-Davidson is fitted with a Klock Werks Flare windscreen which helps divert some of the wind from my helmet. Because of my height I always get noise from wind rushing by and usually ride with foam earplugs.
While the C3 is the quietest I have ridden in the TK1200 does an excellent job on minimizing normal noises.

I can not wait to live in this helmet on my ride to Alaska this summer!
5 Stars 3/9/2018 4:30 pm
This Top-Tier Performer Is A Winner

by Scott in PA
I used this helmet fro the majority of the 2017 riding season. It is extremely comfortable once you break it in. I've never found a helmet I thought was quiet, and this was no exception until I realized I never put in the ear pads, and once I did I didn't have to bother with my earplugs any more.

The release mechanism is a little firm at first, but by mid-season I had no problems raising and lowering the front...could be I trained myself to better find the latch and use it. Visibility is outstanding. Never had a problem with ventilation, either.

Not needing sunglasses is a big plus...but remember you still need to bring them with you as you may want to get off the bike and explore outdoors, necessitating those pesky spectacles.

All in all this is an outstanding helmet. I have mine in the Hi-Viz colors which match my Klim Hi-Viz jacket. I started the season on a Honda St1300 and ended on a 2012 Goldwing.
5 Stars 11/8/2018 2:08 pm
Saved mylife!!

by Scott A Maney
This helmet saved my life Oct. 12, 2018. This is why I am here today writing this review.

A car pulled into my path coming from a side road, trying my best to avoid a collision, to no avail, I ended up t-boning the drivers side of the car. I landed on my back, the wind knocked out of me, I quickly got on my knees, seen my broken right wrist, and crawled to my broken up motorcycle in the middle of the road (2014 Yamaha Raider 1900 SCL Secial Edition).
Fast forward, I ended up with a broken right wrist, fractured hip and what they call an “Open Book” pelvic break, in other words, my pelvis split in half. Well every thing is fixed in me, I spent 2 weeks in rehab and recovered very quickly and currently at home writing your company this. And very greatful to be alive today because of an awesome product you guys make.
5 Stars 2/2/2019 9:25 pm
I give it a 10!!

by JavaDave
Rode over 100 miles today with a 20 mph cross wind in the Klim. The TK1200 was totally stable regardless of speed and wind direction. It is so comfortable, and so light. With the 'winter' chin curtain on, the lack of wind noise inside the helmet is outstanding. Makes this helmet so quiet, yet the ventilation was excellent and very controllable. Excellent visibility and I like the Transition face shield better than expected.