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Pivot Pegz and Accessories

The ultimate foot pegs for dirt bikes, Pivot Pegz and accessories for your motorcycle are available at Adventure Designs. Used by thousands of dirt bike riders worldwide, Pivot Pegz have a unique spring-loaded forward and backward pivoting action that actively improves grip, comfort and control and also cuts down significantly on fatigue to knees and ankles. Pivot Pegz' spring-loaded, self-centering pivoting action has helped revolutionize the way many riders use their dirt bikes. A spring holds the peg in its central position and provides resistance and absorbs shock during the pivoting action. Pivot Pegz are available for Husqvarna, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Yamaha, Honda and KTM bikes, and a universal package is also available. While most footpegs do not actively assist the rider, Pivot Pegz are active and specially constructed to move with the rider. Built to last, Pivot Pegz' height is adjustable on most motorcycles and usually take less than 10 minutes to adjust.

BMW Pivot Pegz Mark 3
Yamaha Pivot Pegz Mark 3
Honda Pivot Pegz Mark 3
KTM Pivot Pegz Mark 3
Husqvarna Pivot Pegz Mark 3
Suzuki Pivot Pegz Mark 3
Kawasaki Pivot Pegz Mark 3
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