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RotopaX 2 Gallon Gaseline Fuel Pack

RotopaX 2 Gallon Gaseline Fuel PackRotopaX 2 Gallon Gaseline Fuel PackRotopaX 2 Gallon Gaseline Fuel Pack
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Price: $79.95
RotopaX 2 Gallon Gasoline Fuel Pack SKU: RX-2G 

Need extra gas storage and peace of mind? RoptopaX 2 Gallon Packs are the best auxiliary fuel and water storage system we have found. RotopaX Gas and Liquid Packs are rotationally molded for superior strength and a leak-proof design that puts to shame traditional blow-molded carriers, like cheap gas cans. Traditional gas cans and packs have thinner walls and a weaker construction that wears out fast. Their colors fade, and they leak at the cap. To set them apart from the rest, the RotopaX tanks have measures in place that target these common weaknesses found in traditional gas cans and water tanks. The RotopaX fuel pack has solid thick walls and extra threads with a sure-seal gasket, guaranteeing it will not leak or vibrate loose while you're on the road. The rotational molded design strengthens its construction, and the colorfast materials it's crafted from makes certain it's less prone to fading or wearing out. Hold one in your hands, and you'll feel the immense difference in quality over those cheaper liquid cans. The RotopaX 2 Gallon packs feel solid, like you could run them over with a truck and they wouldn't leak a drop.


*Each individual pack holds 2 gallons
*Dimensions: 17 3/4 L x 13 1/4 W x 3 H
* Pack Mount Anodized Black Aluminum offers the quickest, strongest way to mount your RotopaX.
* Weight 5.00 lbs. 

Why RotopaX?

RotopaX are proudly made in the USA by the original manufacturer of the 1st generation fuel and water packs. RotopaX are Rotational Molded - the process which produces indisputably superior products.

What are the benefits of rotational molding?

Roto-molded products have distinct advantages over any blow-molded containers on the market today. Blow-molded products, such as cheap “gas cans,” are less expensive to produce, but they tend to color fade, are less durable, and may be prone to additional defects such as leaking. RotopaX, on the other hand, provide the following benefits:

* Durable: thicker walls and stronger construction helps RotopaX work as hard as you do
* Colorfast: bright colors that are less prone to fading ensure the longest-lasting fuel containers you’ll ever own
* Leak-Proof: extra threads, thicker walls, and a sure-seal gasket guarantee your spout wont leak or vibrate loose

Customizable Flexibility

RotopaX is an exclusive, modular system that allows you to customize 2 Gallon packs according to your varying needs. It takes only seconds to switch between:
* Gasoline
* Water
* Diesel
* Kerosene
* 2-Cycle
* Emergency Packs
* First Aid Packs
* Utility Packs

Unlimited Uses

The wide array of products and the flexibility of the RotopaX system opens additional applications beyond motorcycles and ATV/UTV such as:
* Gasoline
* 2-Cycle
* Water
* Emergency Packs
* First Aid Packs
* Kerosene
* Utility Packs
* RV
* Workshop/Factory
* Marine
* Landscape Maintenance
* Home/Farm/Ranch
* And much, much more...

Effortless Mounting

RotopaX utilize widely-available mounting brackets which make mounting and storing your RotopaX even easier. And remember that our packs can be used separately as well.

Customer Testimonial:

I picked up the 1G Gas with Pack Mount for my G650X-Co BMW motorcycle for those times when I want to get farther afield from gas sources. Having a small, durable, easily removable 1G container gets me another 60 miles, a huge amount of extra freedom at a very reasonable price and top notch quality fit and finish. I haven't dumped the bike since carrying this so I can't attest to its crash-worthiness yet, but the build quality and mounting options lead me to believe I'll have bigger problems on my bike if I crash hard enough to make one of these leak.
Paul K.