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ROX 1 inch Lock Spacer

ROX 1 inch Lock Spacer
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Item#   1R-P10

Reg Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $22.45
ROX 1 inch Lock Spacer

Controlling a motorcycle is all about comfort. A key part of that comfort involves handlebar position. If they aren't exactly in the right place, then it will add physical strain up and down your arms, and even your back.

That's no good for riders, who spend hours on the road getting to their destination, and even more hours off-road, going where most other vehicles can't even get close. The right handlebar length and position is important for reducing fatigue and keeping drivers fresh.

If the two inches provided by other ROX Elite Series Pivoting Risers isn't enough, the ROX 1-inch Lock Spacer will provide further extension and positioning. Made from the same premium materials, the spacer fits perfectly between the cap and body of your existing riser. With the included extended bolts, all it takes is a few turns of a wrench to install.

The ROX 1-inch Lock Spacer also keeps the same two points of rotation for your existing ROX risers. That means you don't sacrifice the ability to secure your handlebars exactly where you want them.