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Star brite Ultimate Bike Guard 22oz

Star brite Ultimate Bike Guard 22oz
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Item#   SB-98022

Price: $15.95
Star brite Ultimate Bike Guard 22oz

Star brite’s ULTIMATE Bike Guard with PTEF® lets you detail and shine the bike in minutes while also adding a protective PTEF® polymer barrier against damaging UV rays and grime to keep it looking good. Spray it onto the bike or a cloth, wiping it evenly across the surface, then lightly buff to reveal a clean, shiny, “bike show quality” finish. Ideal for cleaning and enhancing the appearance of all stainless, chrome and painted surfaces, as well as plastic, rubber and leather.

- Spray on, wipe off to enhance the shine of painted surfaces and polished metals
- Protective polymers bond to surface to help repel dirt and UV damage
- Safe for all clearcoats, wraps and metalflake paints on bikes and helmets (avoid overspray onto visors)
- A waterless cleaner that removes light road grime, bug debris, greasy fingerprints and more
- For tough stains and road grime, use ULTIMATE Xtreme Clean cleaner & degreaser as Step 1 in detailing the bike

Shake bottle before use. Spray directly onto surface to be shielded. Wipe up any overspray with a paper towel or a cloth. Use as needed to maintain a barrier against moisture and corrosion. Star brite’s liability is limited to the purchase price of this product.