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Drift Ghost & Drift Ghost S Cameras and Accessories

Drift Stealth 2 HD 1080P Wifi Action Camera
Price: $199.00
Drift Ghost-S HD Camera
Price: $399.00
DriftGhost HDCamera
Price: $299.00
Drift HD Ghost Two-Way Remote Control 52-003-00
Price: $49.99
Drift Ghost Wall & Car Cradle Charger by Drift Innovation
Price: $29.99
Drift Timelapse Camera Accessory
Price: $24.99
Drift Spare Adhesive / Helmet Mount Kit
Price: $14.99
Shoulder Mount by Drift Innovation
Price: $39.99
DriftHD and Drift HD170 Standard Rechargeable Battery
Price: $19.99
Drift  Battery Charger Cradle with Car Cigarette 12 Volt & Wall Outlet Adapters (NOT for DriftGhost)
Price: $29.99
DriftHD LED Cable (Only fits DriftHD)
Price: $19.99
DriftHD Lens Changing Kit (Only fits DriftHD)
Price: $19.99
DriftHD Video Audio Patch Cable DVPC
Price: $19.99
DriftHD 2.5mm to 3.5mm Adapter Cable (Only fits DriftHD)
Price: $14.99
DriftHD Protective Carrying Case by Drift Innovations
Price: $29.99
Drift Male RCA Phono Mic-In Adapter Cable for Drift HD170 or HD170 Stealth Cameras
Price: $14.99
MaxFlash 4 GB MicroSDHC Memory Card (works with new DriftHD, Contour HD Cameras and most cell phones)
Reg Price: $17.99
Sale Price: $4.99
MaxFlash 8 GB MicroSDHC Memory Card (works with GoPro Hero3 DriftHD, Contour HD Cameras)
Reg Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $9.99
Ultimate Dual Suction Camera Mount for Windshields & Car Bodies
Price: $89.99
Ultimate Single Suction Camera Mount for Windsields & Car Bodies
Price: $39.99
Extension Kit for Ultimate Single and Dual Suction Mounts SKU: DDMOUNT-AC-EXT
Price: $24.99
RAM Mount Handlebar Mount for Cameras, Camcorders, & HD Helmet Camerasd
Price: $34.99
Pedco Ultra Clamp Mount for Sport/Helmet Cameras, Camcorders & Still Cameras
Price: $29.95
Pedco Ultra Clamp 2.5 Mount for Sport/Helmet Cameras, Camcorders & Still Cameras
Price: $34.95
Pedco Ultra Clamp Assembly 4.0 Mount for Sport/Helmet Cameras, Camcorders & Still Cameras
Price: $44.95
Record all of your stunts, tricks, falls and more on a DriftHD & Drift Ghost 1080p cameras. This is the first of its kind to film in full 1080p HD and also includes a remote control and playback screen. It’s also water resistant! With the Drift HD170 action camera you’ll get:

  • Crystal clear footage made possible by high definition filming.
  • The ability to record what you want with a remote control.
  •  Instant playback footage and a playback screen for lining up shots.
  • An easy-to-mount camera. Mounts anywhere with included mounts.
  • Night mode. Record at night or in darker conditions. Great for cloudy weather and twilight conditions.
  • An excellent zoom function so you can film closer than ever before.
  • A photo burst mode so you can capture an even that looks like stop motion.
  • A rotating lens so you can put the camera anywhere and still get a great shot.
  • An optional outer microphone which is great at eliminating wind noise.  

We also include a free bonus filming guide. Order one of our bundles and save! In addition to the DriftHD and Drift Ghost cameras, we have plenty of accessories to go along with it too. From batteries to chargers to external microphones, we’ve got you covered for all of your extreme sports needs.
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