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RotopaX Fuel Storage

RotopaX 1 Gallon Gas Fuel Pack with Pack Mount SKU RX-1G-PM
Price: $84.95
RotopaX 1 Gallon Gas Fuel Pack without Mount SKU RX-1G
Price: $54.95
RotopaX 1.75 Gallon Gas Fuel Pack without Mount SKU RX-1.75G
Price: $64.95
RotopaX 2 Gallon Gaseline Fuel Pack with Mount
Price: $89.95
RotopaX 3 Gallon Gasoline Pack RX-3G
Price: $84.95
RotopaX 1 Gallon Water Pack with Pack Mount SKU RX-1W-PM
Price: $69.95
RotopaX 1 Gallon Water Pack without Mount SKU RX-1W
Price: $39.95
RotopaX 1.75 Gallon Water Pack RX-1.75W (Pack Mount Sold Separately)
Price: $49.95
RotoPax 2 Gallon Water
Price: $49.95
RotopaX Storage Pack Single
Price: $49.95
RotopaX Pack Mount
Price: $29.95
RotopaX DLX Pack Mount RX-DLX-PM
Price: $34.95
Rotopax LOX Pack Mount
Price: $44.95
RotopaX Pack Mount Extension
Price: $23.95
RotopaX 3 Gallon Extension
Price: $25.95
RotopaX 1.75 Gallon Pax Mount Extension
Price: $24.95
RotopaX Single Mounting Plate
Price: $16.95
RotoPax Universal Mounting Plate RX-UP-PM
Price: $79.95
RotopaX L-Bracket RX-LB
Price: $21.95
Wolfman Pawnee Plate Kit for RotopaX Mounting on Most Side Racks
Reg Price: $171.99
Sale Price: $154.79

Peace of mind is an invaluable quality that has no price tag. The RotopaX fuel and water storage packs can provide you with relief when it comes to the two most important supplies you'll need on any extended trip: water and fuel. These U.S.-made RotopaX packs have added features that make them exceptionally convenient. Optional mounts make it easy to fasten these packs to your bike; you won't have to worry about where your added storage will go. An additional benefit of the mounts is that they will allow you to lock your gas and water storage packs to your bike. This feeling of security will only contribute to your peace of mind.

Most other portable gas containers are blow-molded, which is a manufacturing process that has a number of drawbacks. These containers will quickly lose their vibrant color once exposed to the sun. They're also flimsy and prone to leaking, especially if you use them multiple times. The RotopaX fuel packs are designed to be durable and a perfect choice for long trips.
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