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Oils and Lubricants

Finding the right engine oil and lubricant for your motorcycles must be a vital part of your tune-up and maintenance routine. Engine oil does more than lubricate your engine parts - it also reduces wear, prevents corrosion and provides necessary cooling. At Adventure Designs, we carry over five different types of motor oil to enhance performance on your bike. Whether you are most interested in racing, driving at top speeds or to service boxer engines, our Motorex synthetic oils deliver.
Motorex Boxer 4T Synthetic 15W/50 Motor Oil
Price: $17.95
Motorex Top Speed 4T Modern Synthetic 15W/50 Motor Oil
Price: $15.50
Motorex KTM Racing 4T Fully Synthetic 20W/60 Motor Oil
Price: $28.25
Maxima Synthetic Shaft Drive Gear Oil
Price: $19.75
BikeMaster Performance Motorcycle Oil
Price: $5.95
Motorex Boxer 4T 5W-40 JASO MA2 for LC BMW R1200GSW
Price: $18.95
Our Motorex Boxer 4T Synthetic 15W/50 motor oil is designed to create a stable lubricating film and high oil pressure in your four-stroke boxer engine. Use this oil to reduce consumption while maintaining a safe engine temperature during even the most extreme biking activities. Our Motorex Top Speed and Racing formulas allow you to achieve the fastest speeds while keeping you in total control of your motorcycle. In addition to these Motorex lubricants, we also carry Maxima synthetic shaft drive gear oil and BikeMaster performance motorcycle oil.
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