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Klim Backpacks & Bags

We Have the LARGEST SELECTION of IN STOCK Klim Motorcycle Gear in Northern California. Please Come by to TEST FIT & PURCHASE Klim Motorcycle Gear.
*NO SALES TAX. We Pay CA Sales Tax on All Non-Sale Klim Brand Gear.
**FREE USA SHIPPING to USA Lower 48 on All Klim Brand Products

Klim brought the same quality of materials and workmanship that it puts in its motorcycle riding gear and applied it to the company's line of backpacks and bags, for use both on and off the bike.
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Pre-Order - Klim Arsenal Vest - 2017
Price: $189.99
Klim Krew Pak Backpack with Tool Pouch & Hydrapak
Price: $139.99
Klim Nac Pak Backpack with Tool Pouch & Hydrapak
Price: $99.99
Pre-Order - Klim Fuel Pak Hydration Pack
Price: $49.99
Klim Hydrapak Reservoir
Price: $29.99
KLIM Deluxe Duffle Bag
Price: $69.99
Klim Scramble Pak Hip Tool Pack
Price: $54.99
Klim Wolverine Carry-On Bag
Price: $159.99
Klim Kodiak Bag
Price: $249.99
Klim Team Gear Bag
Price: $125.99
For multi-day adventure rides, the Krew Pak backpack with a tool pouch and Hydrapak hydration system carries everything you need, including 3 liters of fluids to keep you going. It's the largest backpack in Klim's line. For a smaller option, the Nac Pak backpack is big enough to carry the essentials without weighing you down and it still includes both the 3-liter Hydrapak hydration system and a tool kit so you'll be prepared for on-the-trail repairs. Another smart option is Klim's Scramble Pak hip tool pack, which lets you carry essential tools but puts that weight down low, at waist level, instead of up high, like a backpack. The result is greater comfort and less fatigue for the rider, especially on challenging and strenuous off-road rides.

Sometimes, unfortunately, you can't get there by motorcycle. But you can still take Klim's smart design, quality construction and durability with you in a variety of bags. The Klim briefcase is designed to care for your laptop and important documents, as well as other small items, and keep everything organized and neat. The next step up in size is the Wolverine carry-on bag, which has a pull handle and wheels but is sized to fit airplane bins. When you need to haul a full complement of gear, the Kodiak bag by Klim is a full 3 feet tall and has compartments for boots, helmet, jacket, goggles and other items. The Kodiak's internal structure means it keeps its shape, empty or loaded.

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