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BMW Front Axle Removal Tool

BMW Front Axle Removal ToolBMW Front Axle Removal ToolBMW Front Axle Removal Tool
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Price: $25.00
BMW Front Axle Removal Tool

Fits BMW R1200/K1200S/K1200R/K1200GT/F800GS.

Many BMW's have a 22mm internal hex front axle. Being such an unusual size creates a problem for the owner when it comes time to remove the wheel without a special tool. It makes it even more difficult to torque the axle properly in the shop. To compound the problem BMW no longer supplies an axle tool with the bike. More importantly, if the need arises to remove the wheel out on the road a real challenge presents itself.

The tool pictured above is specifically designed as a shop tool as well as a rescue tool on the road. It is 22mm on one end which mates with the front axle and 19mm or ¾" on the other end which can be used with a socket or box end wrench in the shop. As an added feature it comes with a stainless steel 6" breaker bar so it can be used in an emergency out on the road. The 22mm end is also equipped with a 3/8" square drive which can be used with a T45 Torx socket to loosen the front axle pinch bolt and caliper bolts so the wheel can be removed. It can also be used with a T50 Torx socket to remove the rear wheel bolts.

It's easily carried on board weighing less than 5 ounces complete with breaker bar.

Using the Front Axle Removal Tool

When using the tool with the breaker bar please make sure the bar is fully through the tool so it can't slip out in use. In the shop you can use either a 19mm or ¾" socket. A 12 point socket will work but a 6 point will extend the tool's life. The 3/8" square drive is for emergency use and has been tested up to the torque needed to loosen properly torqued rear wheel bolts. Care should be exercised when using the 3/8" drive not to over torque it or it will shear off. The 3/8" drive is not equipped with a spring loaded socket retention ball like a regular ratchet has so please use it accordingly.

Recommended torques are:

* Front axle - 50 NM or 37 ft-lbs
* Front Caliper Bolts - 30 NM or 22 ft-lbs
* Rear Wheel Bolts - 60 NM or 44 ft-lbs