News Update April 19, 2007- Motion Pro Professional Tire Gauges

News Update April 19, 2007- Motion Pro Professional Tire Gauges
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San Carlos, CA. April 19, 2007

Motion Pro Professional Tire Gauge
08-0258 2.5 in. Gauge 0-30 psi
08-0259 2.5 in. Gauge 0-15 psi
08-0402 2.5 in. Gauge 0-60 psi

Suggested retail: $89.90

Motion Pro Inc, always an innovator in quality motorcycle tools, is proud to introduce the Professional Tire Gauges. Setting itself apart from other gauges with high quality components, excellent accuracy and a superior ergonomic design, it is THE gauge to have for mechanics and riders who are looking for the highest performance and reliability.

The Motion Pro Professional Tire Gauges feature a high-quality 2.5 in. liquid filled lab-quality gauge for accuracy and precision. The liquid filled gauge helps to protect the gauge from shocks and rapid pressure changes. The gauge also is protected by a heavy-duty boot, making it even more durable. The ergonomic body with integrated pressure release valve makes the gauge easy to handle, and the double swivel hose prevents twisting, making pressure checks or adjustments quick and easy.

Motion Pro tested the Professional Tire Gauges for two years in professional Supercross and Supermoto racing where they were used under the most demanding conditions.

The gauges are available in three pressure ranges: 0-15 psi for low pressure ATV applications, 0-30 for MX and Off-Road, and 0-60 psi for street applications.