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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what is a good video worth? Seeing via video isn't just believing, it’s also understanding.

Adventure Designs is dedicated to selling high-quality parts and accessories for your adventure-tourer or other motorcycle, and we realize that they’re not cheap. When you’re spending your money on an expensive accessory, it is natural to want to see more than a photo or two. That’s why we’ve put together an ever-expanding video gallery showing off some of the favorite products that Adventure Designs co-owners Karsten and Chad Olson use on their own Adventure Motorcycles. They want to do this to show you how they work, how they’re installed and what they look like on the bike.

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For example, if you’re wondering about the Clearwater Krista LED Auxiliary Lights for your BMW R1200GSA or R1200GS, just watch the video in which Chad shows how they are installed and why they fit your BMW perfectly. Then you can see the lights in action to get an idea of the brightness they add and how the dimmer adjustability works to add safety and flexibility.

Other videos demonstrate gear that can save your bacon when you’re on a true adventure tour, when you’re far from expert mechanical help and even a minor tip-over can cause significant damage and serious problems.

Videos demonstrating protective accessory parts such as the Stainless Steel Engine Guard Extensions or Altrider’s Rear Brake Reservoir Guard or Aluminum Oil Cooler Guard show how easily they can be installed and how one of these pieces can make the difference between an expensive, trip-ending failure and a minor incident that’s soon forgotten as you continue along the road less traveled.

Other videos explain the contents of BMW-specific tool kits, the Kaoko Cruise Control for R1200GS models and some of our luggage options, among other accessories.

If you still have questions after viewing our videos, please contact us and we’ll help you make sure you’re getting the right accessories and parts. We ride and we enjoy talking to others who share our passion for adventure touring.