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Electric Motorcycles

In order to build healthy riding habits, you need to start small. A mini electric motorcycle in the form of an Oset bike is exactly what you need. Oset bikes are just small enough for young riders to gain riding experience without having to handle a bike that's too cumbersome or heavy for them. Our collection of Oset mini bikes offers a handful of distinct advantages over two-stroke, combustion engine bikes. These mini electric motorcycles are nearly silent-making them a good choice for backyard or backwoods riding. And with electric power, expelled gases won't heat up the exhaust and cause it to potentially singe a young rider.
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There's also an immense cost-savings opportunity involved when considering Oset bikes. Depending on the model you choose, an Oset bike might save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over a comparable traditional bike. These bikes are also environmentally friendly, since they don't run on gasoline.

Oset bikes come complete and ready to be ridden. There aren't any additional assembly steps to complete before you can enjoy your new toy. You won't have to buy any additional accessories to keep it operational, either. A charger is included, so your Oset bike can always be ready to ride.

While you're here, browse our selection of riding gear for younger riders, so they can be properly protected while taking their mini electric motorcycle for a spin.