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Finding the optimally sized windshield will mainly depend on your height and your character of riding. Windshields with minimal coverage, typical of OEM stock windscreens, are ideal for short tours when time exposed to turbulence and wind buffeting is minimal. However, taller and wider windscreens that provide more coverage become necessary for long touring. At Adventure Designs, we only carry products that we believe will improve the riding enjoyment of our customers. For customers that enjoy long touring, our selection of tall windshields by Moose can significantly reduce wind buffeting and provide relief from wind fatigue.
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Made in the U.S., Moose windshields are designed to relieve the pressure caused by wind on the head and upper body. The aftermarket windshields mount easily to the motorcycle's stock mounts, and each windshield is specifically developed to easily fit the applicable touring motorcycle. There is no need to use the OEM stock metal spacers or rubber washers, but it is important to note that over-tightening the stock screws can lead to fracturing over time.

Typically, Moose windshields are available in three sizes to accommodate a rider's size and preference: stock size, two inches taller than stock, and four inches taller than the OEM windshield. Not only do the taller windshields relieve wind pressure, the Moose windscreens are also more durable and optically clearer than OEM windshields. The tall windscreens are constructed of .118 and .177 aircraft-quality Lucite acrylic, ensuring your Moose windshield can withstand terrains with loose gravel. Don't let wind fatigue affect your riding enjoyment. With the right windshield to complement your size and riding style, you will be able to tour longer and more comfortably.