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Highway Pegs and Foot Pegs

On a long stretch of highway, being able to take a stretch can relieve cramped muscles and keep you happy for many additional miles. But Adventure Designs wasn't satisfied with ordinary highway pegs, or chromed contraptions that looked right on a chopper but seem out of place on an adventure-touring bike.
Highway Pegs with Storage
Pivot Pegz Footpegs
ProMoto Billet Fastway Pegs
SW-MOTECH Footpegs
Introducing our Premium Highway Pegs with Secret Storage. These American-made highway pegs look right on a BMW GS or other adventure-touring motorcycle and allow you to stretch out and keep the blood flowing on long highway rides. The secret twist is the hidden storage compartment. Unscrew the end cap, which has an O-ring to keep out water and dust, and you have a perfect place to store an extra $20, vehicle paperwork or anything else small and compact. The pegs are 5 inches long and fold out of the way when not needed. Choose either black or silver.

What about off the road? When you're riding off-road and standing up, many foot pegs made for street use provide an uncomfortably small contact area and may be too slippery, especially in wet or muddy conditions. The Fastway EVO F3 Series Performance Pegs offer a broad, 58-milimeter platform, making them more comfortable when you're standing up, and the pin-style cleats, which are replaceable, give your boots a more secure grip. But the real advantage is the adjustability. These Fastway Performance foot pegs can be set in two positions to give you an extra inch of legroom and the mounting system also allows you to adjust the camber. Because these foot pegs can be rebuilt and the cleats can be replaced, these are likely the last foot pegs you'll ever have to buy.

So there are some choices for on the road and off the road. Of course most of us do some of both. That's where the Pivot Pegz MKE Platform Toppers come in handy. When you're riding on the street, the Toppers fit over your off-road Pivot Pegz to cover the more aggressive teeth needed for off-road riding. That means less wear on your boots, greater comfort and even reduced vibration.