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Booster Plugs High Performance Fuel Management

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BoosterPlug Fuel Management Installation Video
Booster Plug is the easiest way to get the perfect mixture of Air and Fuel so you can enjoy smooth, reliable and maximum power.

Not only power, but fuel economy as well! Many bikes come from the factory in a "lean fuel" state meaning the bike is receiving too much air an not enough fuel which will make the bike run hotter than necessary.

The addition of a Booster Plug or fuel management system will help your bike run cooler, smoother, get better fuel economy and exhibit more power and better throttle response.

A short presentation of the BoosterPlug

The BoosterPlug is accepted worldwide, as a brilliant and affordable way to cure the fueling problems that haunts all modern fuel injected Motorcycles.

No need to spend a small fortune on complicated multi adjustable electronic devices like the Power Commander + endless Dyno hours, to make your bike run as it should have from the factory.

The BoosterPlug is installed in less than 10 minutes. It plugs directly into your bikes wire harness using original connectors no cutting or splicing.

A true Plug and Play solution that will make your bike so much better:
- Improved and softer throttle response when rolling the throttle on-off.
- Enrichment of Air/Fuel mixture when you open the throttle will improve acceleration.
- Remove the Jerky low speed running that is typical for modern lean burn engines.
- Stronger and more reliable Idle.
- Reduced Puffing in your aftermarket exhaust on engine braking.

Real plug and play tuning for your BMW, Triumph, Husqvarna

Too good to be true ?

A lot of Plug and Play devices will promise wonderful results, but unfortunately most of them are pure Snake Oil.

The BoosterPlug is the only Plug and Play module, that is properly researched and developed - and performs as promised.

Sounds too good to be true ? - Read on to get a proper explanation - in stead of slick sales talk.

More important - Feedback from our customers is extremely positive.

How does it work then ?
- If you can trick the Fuel Injection ECU to think the ambient air temperature is lower than the actual readings, the ECU will richen up the injected mixture by a certain amount.
- The correct enrichment will greatly improve the driveability of your bike
- Basicly, it is done by adding some extra resistance to the Air Intake Temperature Sensor, and the method have been tested throughly by many independent sources and it actually works. No magic involved :-)

The serial resistor tuning trick
- BUT, the Air Intake Temperature Sensor is not a linear output device, and if you just add a fixed serial resistor the performance of your device will vary a lot with changes in ambient temperature.

Poor tuning attempt
This is what other Plug and Play devices do, and that's actually why they fail: Typically, they are made to perform well in 20 degrees Celsius (Ambient air temperature), but this will make the bike run lean in 10 degrees, and rich in 30 degrees.

Most of the competitor device manufacturers don't bother to inform you about this, or they may not even know what their device does..... Others will try to hide the problem in a lot of pseudo-technical talk and fancy buzz words.

The intelligent solution!
- The BoosterPlug is the only Plug and Play device that offers a stabilized enrichment of the mixture in different ambient temperatures.
- To do this, the BoosterPlug is using an extra temperature sensor (and a few other components), that will work in cooperation with the original Air Intake Temperature Sensor.

The BoosterPlug sensor makes plug and play tuning work as it should.