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Chemicals & Lubricants

Choose from the latest Adventure Designs' engine chemicals and lubricants for your bike. We carry popular Motorex, BikeMaster and Maxima formulas to enhance every make and model. Our goal is to help your bike reach its full potential in speed, control and overall performance.
Motorcycle Oils
Motorcycle Chain Care
Cleaners Sprays and Chemicals
First, ensure that you are choosing the right motor oil for your bike. We carry everything from fully synthetic oils to top speed specialty formulas to boost your bike's next ride. Our shaft drive gear oil will enhance your shifting capabilities on twin-cylinder motorcycles. Each of our Adventure Designs' engine oils are guaranteed to keep your engine clean even in the toughest conditions.

While formulas like engine oil are an integral part of your motorcycle maintenance, don't forget our chain care sprays. These sprays extend the lifespan of your chain and reduce wear and tear caused by dirt and grime. Add a bottle of Moose Racing plastic cleaner to your order to ensure that your plastics, including goggles and other glass surfaces, are completely clean and glare-free.