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Luggage & Luggage Racks

Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage 10% Off
Giant Loop Luggage
Givi Italian Motorcycle Luggage
Klim Backpacks & Bags
Kathy's Journey Designs
Moose Adventure Expedition Luggage
AltRider Luggage
AltRider Luggage Racks
Nelson-Rigg Luggage
AdvGear Locking Tool Boxes
American Kargo
Adventure Moto Pockets
The Cycle Guys
Steel Core Security Straps: Love It. Lock It
Adventure Motorcycles are a great sources of transportation into the backcountry, to the tops of mountains, and over various terrain... But how do you take with you the necessities needed for survival? Luggage!

Luggage comes in all shapes and sizes and can be the source of much confusion...

Here at Adventure Designs we have done the research, we have tested the products, and we bring to you only Luggage Options that we think make sense.

If you have any questions, just call (510) 586-8447 us or shoot us an email