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Customer Testimonials &
Frequently Asked Questions

We work hard to please our customers. Our products and tools have been very well received by motorcycle owners. Below is a snap-shot of what our customers are saying about us and our products. (If you would like to add a testimonial please send us an e-mail)

"Just thought I would let you know I received your delivery within the quoted time frame. I also wanted to let you know that the tool kit is even better than what I was expecting. The quality is outstanding and is far more comprehensive than I thought. I really do not know how you managed to get all these tools in package. I am still scratching my head! What is even more amazing I have additional room to add more stuff in the tool bag. If I was to build this kit myself I am certain my kit would fill half a pannier. Its clear to see there has been some serious thought and development put into this product. Well done and thanks for the great service in filling my order. Thanks again and I certain this kit will last a lifetime."
Michael Smith
Sydney, Australia 06/03/09

"I just wanted to e-mail you and tell you how satisfied I am with the Ultimate BMW Compact tool kit I purchased from you for my 1200RT. It is really a complete kit with top quality tools. I believe you really thought of everything. I will be sure and show it off to all my BMW friends and I will also let everyone on the BMW forums that I frequent know what a nice product you sell."
Ferd Nesler
Iowa, USA 02/25/09

"I heard about you from the '49er Rally that a friend went to and bought the same pump. We had a flat this weekend on hwy 36 and used your pump and it worked great." Paul / CA.

"I am a BMW MOA member and I saw your ad in the monthly magazine. I decided to go with your product because it is smaller and cheaper than the other air pumps on the market. Thank you very much." Jason / NJ.

"My pump kit stores perfectly under the seat of my BMW RT. Thank you for a great compact product." John / CA.

"I compared your pump to my old pump and your was at least 2 to 3 times more powerful. What a great little pump." Mike / OR.

"I searched the "Gear" forum on the BMW MOA website for discussions about pumps, and one or two people recommended yours. I then checked out your site, liked the size and price (and lack of flimsy plastic)." Paul

"I linked to your website through the BMWMOA rider forum. You have some other neat stuff on the site so I am guessing Iíll be back." Michael / IA

"I got my order. I am very satisfied with the quality of the tools. I saw your ad in the September 2007 BMW owners magazine page 33. Thanks" Rickey / TX

"Thanks, Chad. I saw your ad in BMW ON magazine. I've got a HP2, so that little fuel siphon pump will come in handy. Good stuff!" RFA

Frequently Asked Questions:

How soon will my order ship? Your order will promptly ship in 1 to 3 business days. Most orders go out the very next day. We work hard to keep our inventory up to date and to ship promptly. If for some reason your item is out of stock or delayed beyond 3 Business days we will do our best to contact you promptly.

How do you ship orders? To save our customers money we usually ship with UPS and United States Postal Service (USPS). If you have a preference for one or the other, please contact us when you place your order and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

What is your return policy? We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. All returns must be in new re-salable condition. Shipping charges are not refundable. Return of opened, damaged and/or installed products are subject to a 20% restocking fee because we cannot sell them as new. Please contact us before you return any item. Please visit our "Policy" web-page for more return information.

Do you ship international? Yes, we ship most products worldwide. For many small to medium size products and orders, select our "USPS International Shipping" option during checkout. If your order includes large size items, please place the order on our web-site and select the standard "USPS International Shipping" option and will then contact your for approval of the additional international shipping charges that your order requires. We always do our best to save you money on international shipping. We beat most competitors international shipping prices.

Do you ship for free? We offer FREE Standard Shipping on Orders Over $149 USD Product Value Excluding All Tires, Park-N-Move, All Seat-Concepts Seats, All Oset Seats, Windscreens, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico addresses and some other exclusions apply.. We cannot do free shipping on tires or to states outside the US lower 48. Free standard shipping can take up to 7 business days and may ship UPS Ground, USPS First Class, USPS Priority, or USPS Parcel Post. If you are in a hurry, we recommend you select one of the paid faster shipping methods.

Do you have a military discount? Yes, Adventure Designs is proud to support our military! We offer free standard shipping to active service members and veterans across the US lower 48 states on orders over $49.99 USD of product. We are sorry, all tires and windscreens are excluded from this free military shipping offer. To place the order please call us or put your military ID # in the comments box during checkout on our website and we will adjust the order accordingly if it qualifies. Thank you for your service!

Do I have to pay tax? When you completely fill out our web-site shopping cart tax will be added if it is required by your delivery address. All international orders are required to pay duty and/or customs tax directly to their country upon arrival. Every country has different duty/customs laws and fees. Please check with your local customs office for more information.

Can you label my international shipment as a "gift"? We cannot label international shipments as a gift. If we do this we are liable for fraud. US Customs, US Postal Service, UPS and the delivery country customs authorities could prosecute you and us in the court of law. We will label each shipment as merchandise. In the event of a warranty repair or exchange we will label the shipment accordingly.

Micro Tire Pump FAQ's:

How long does it take a Micro Pump to fill a motorcycle tire? The tires on a large motorcycle take about 2-3 minutes for the front tire and 3-4 minutes for the rear tire to go 0 to full pressure PSI. Smaller tires take less time. Automotive tires take a bit longer. Always check your tire for the manufacturers recommended max PSI.

Does the Micro Pump make noise and vibrate much? Like any compressor the Micro Tire Pump makes a loud vibrating noise. Do not be alarmed. This is how the pump is designed. The pump is powerful and produces significant PSI pressure. Power usually equals vibration and noise.

How do I hold the pump while it is on and inflating? We recommend you hold the pump by the hose while it is running. It is also fine to hold it in your hand or put it down on its storage pouch to keep it from moving around or sucking up any dirt while inflating. Some customers prefer to hang the pump from their rim or tire with the included Velcro strip used for cable management. Experiment and see what is best for you.

Does the Micro Tire Pump get warm or hot when running? All air compressors become warm to some degree as they pump and build up air pressure. The micro tire pump is no exception. After a few minutes of running, the motor is warm, but not too warm to hold, and the head of the pump portion is hot, but not so hot as to burn your skin. In the rare event that the pump gets too hot to hold, simply shut it off and let it cool for a few minutes and then turn it back on.

What is the dimensions and weight of the Micro Tire Pump? The micro tire pump itself easily fits in the palm of your hand. It is about 4" long, 3" high and 1.5" thick. The inflator hose is just over 18" long and the power cord is 8 feet long. It weighs between 18 and 22 ounces, depending on the power connector.

I have tires with tubes on my motorcycle. Do you have a kit for them? Yes, we have a kit that includes tube patches, glue and tire irons to allow you to fix a flat on a bike with spoke or laced wheels. As far as we know, BMW is the only maker of tubeless spoke wheels (for their GS line), if you have spokes and are not on a GS, you most likely have tubes, and need to order the tube tire kit.

I ride a BMW motorcycle. Do you offer a power plug that fits the special German plug style? Yes, as an option you can purchase a BMW (European) style plug. Select the "BMW plug" when you order your pump. We also offer dual purpose plugs that fit both standard American cigarette plugs and BMW plugs.

How many amps does the Micro Tire Pump draw? The pump draws a bit under 10 amps on start-up and under load.

Is the Micro Tire Pump safe? Yes, the pump is safe and reliable. We have installed finger guards over all moving parts so that your fingers cannot be pinched. Our customers use and trust the Micro Tire Pump worldwide.

I have a Battery Tender that I use to keep my battery fully charged. Can I plug into the Battery Tender tail that is wired into my battery? Yes, just select the "SAE adapter" with your Micro Pump and we will include it with your order.

I plugged my Micro Pump into my BMW accessory outlet and the pump did not work or it worked for a few seconds and then it shut off, what happened? If you are using a BMW accessory plug on your Micro Pump some recent (2004-2012) BMW motorcycle models trigger the electrical system to shut off power to the plug and thus the Micro Pump. Some new bikes do this and some donít. It all depends on how your bike is wired. It is not the Micro Pumps fault. The new Canbus computer electrical systems often are very sensitive and don't work with other accessories like heated clothing, GPS devices etc. If this happens on your bike we recommend you do one of several options: 1) Re-wire your BMW accessory plug directly to the battery, bypassing the motorcycles electrical computer system. Make sure you install an in-line fuse to protect the accessories you power from the outlet. Also please be aware that if you do not wire into power that turns off with the ignition you must not leave accessories plugged after you turn off the bike. They will slowly drain your battery. 2) Install battery Alligator Clips to your Micro Pump cord and power the pump directly from the battery terminals. 3) Hard-wire to your battery or fuse block another power adapter specifically for your Micro Pump and other accessories. Use of SAE (battery tender style) outlets work very well.

???Have more questions??? Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We enjoy communicating with our customers. Please click on the CONTACT US link below.