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Camping & Survival

If you've shopped for camping gear, you know there are hundreds of tents on the market and enough camping gizmos out there to swamp your saddlebags a thousand times over. But in the spirit of choosing the best, and selling only the kind of quality gear we want to use ourselves, Adventure Designs humbly recommends the following gear.
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When your adventure tour takes you far beyond the reach of city lights, the first thing you need is shelter. That means a good tent. The trouble with most tents, when traveling by motorcycle, is that they don't pack up small enough and the poles are too big for saddlebags and awkward to pack. Nemo tents represent an ingenious solution to this problem. Instead of poles, they're supported by their AirBeam system. Not only does this mean they pack up incredibly small, but they are also able to withstand the strongest winds because they bend rather than break. They also offer lots of ventilation options to control temperatures. Choose from bivy, one-person or two-person sizes and discover how just little space a tent can consume in your saddlebags.

We also have a number of other ingenious items to keep you comfortable and well equipped around the campsite, such as our sleeping pads and compact camping pillows by Nemo, the amazingly compact Grilliput Ultra Compact Stainless Steel Foldable Grill, compact cooking and eating utensils, and a variety of fire-starting supplies, because no camp site is complete without a fire after dark for recounting the day's ride. A good multi-tool is always handy around the campsite, or in the garage for that matter. We recommend the SOG Pocket PowerPlier Deluxe or the SOG PowerLock S60 Multi-Tool. From Wolfman stuff sacks to portable LED lights, Adventure Designs carries supplies and gear that work and leave it to the other websites to carry all that cheap junk you don't need.