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Helmet Headsets and Communication

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SENA Motorcycle Communication Systems
Personal and Social connection is becoming harder and harder to break away from these days and motorcycle helmet intercoms and entertainment devices assist us in safely staying connected using Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth technology has has evolved extremely rapidly year over year and today's bike-to-bike communication systems are affordably priced and work better than ever! Talk time, standby time, range and duplexing specific still vary between the units, but most of the available kits are comparable in many aspects. Most kits work with any dual sport, modular, dirt, full face, open face, half face, and even half helmets via either clamp-on systems or adhesive solutions. Some helmets come with provisions for Bluetooth kits to reside completely inside the helmet. Many of these units will also offer the ability to play MP3, sync to GPS, and sync to your phone as well. If you have any specific questions about the functionality or differences between the units, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Looking forward to finding you the best solution! The Adventure Designs Team