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Extended cruises truly test a rider's endurance, patience and pain tolerance. Saddle pain is simply an unavoidable reality for many riders. But there are a number of solutions available in our store that can directly combat saddle pain and discomfort. An ill-equipped OEM seat is typically the main culprit. Manufacturers don't often put enough thought and effort into the stock seats; they aren't made from durable materials that can properly support and cushion a rider for an extended period of time. Inside of this collection, you'll find a number of options that work remarkably well in minimizing saddle pains.

Saddlemen products, for example, are each made with decades' worth of experience. And as a result, the quality and engineering that go into each seat you purchase shows up in the seat's performance. When it comes to increasing riders' comfort for longer trips, Saddlemen has few competitors. We also have quick and easy to install options such as the AirHawk 2, which can be easily installed on top of your current seat for added cushioning.