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If you're just riding to the local Starbucks, a credit card and a cell phone may be the only repair tools you ever need. But adventure touring riders know that when you're really off the beaten path, you need a proper repair kit with all the tools necessary for handling ordinary problems and getting back on the road. At ADV Designs, we operate with the mentality of adventure riders because we enjoy getting out there and riding as much as you do. This is why we've pieced together a motorcycle tool kit to service every need for every kind of rider. We also carry individual tools and motorcycle-specific tools for those who are looking to add to their current inventory.
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Adventure-touring riders tend to be a self-reliant bunch. Most of us want to be hands-on with our motorcycles - not just when it comes to making emergency repairs on some distant road, but also for everyday maintenance. You've invested a lot in your motorcycle, and you also rely on it to take you on adventures and bring you home safe and sound. Why work on it with cheap and inferior tools that are likely to cause frustration for you and possible damage to your bike? ADV Designs has assembled a selection of motorcycle tool kits that include precision tools made in the U.S. and crafted using high-quality steel. The motorcycle tools in your kit stay organized in convenient rolls that are easily stored on your bike.

We have specific tool kits for popular adventure-touring models such as the entire line of BMW Boxers, the KTM 990 and 950 and the Suzuki V-Strom 650 and 1000. The tools in these kits have been selected to ensure you have what you need to work on your motorcycle. You'll find the right wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, torx bit sets and other lightweight motorcycle tools. We also have universal kits in both metric and SAE measurements, which may be a better choice if you own several motorcycles and want a kit that will work with all of them.

The biggest thing you'll need to prepare for is a flat tire. ADV Designs has plenty of motorcycle wheel and tire tools to get you pumped back up. Get front axle removal tools, tire lever wrenches, valve stem pullers, bead breakers and everything else to be your own roadside assistance plan. We even have tire pump kits and gauges. If you already own tools and need a secure place to put them, we'll set you up with an adventure motorcycle tool bag or tool box.

We happily admit that the tool kits we carry at ADV Designs are not cheap. That said, like the other products we stock, these tool kits are the kind we use ourselves. We don't want to be 50 miles from civilization and watching some cheap, pot-metal wrench round off the head of a crucial bolt. If you're with us, check out our range of tool kits for a better, more reliable option. With our extensive lineup, you can make your selection based on your particular needs and never feel like you're paying for tools you won't use.