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ADVance Adjustable Hand Guards by MachineArt Moto

PRE-ORDER ADVance Adjustable Hand Guards by MachineArt MotoPRE-ORDER ADVance Adjustable Hand Guards by MachineArt MotoPRE-ORDER ADVance Adjustable Hand Guards by MachineArt MotoPRE-ORDER ADVance Adjustable Hand Guards by MachineArt MotoPRE-ORDER ADVance Adjustable Hand Guards by MachineArt MotoPRE-ORDER ADVance Adjustable Hand Guards by MachineArt MotoPRE-ORDER ADVance Adjustable Hand Guards by MachineArt MotoPRE-ORDER ADVance Adjustable Hand Guards by MachineArt Moto
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Price: $269.00
PRE-ORDER ADVance Adjustable Hand Guards by MachineArt Moto

ADVanced, Multi-Functional Hand Guards Adventure Touring Ready!

ADVance Guard multi-functional, aluminum framed hand guards are uniquely designed for superior strength and easy adjustability for a variety of weather and riding conditions. The patented ADVance Guard design fits several brands of Adventure and Dual Sport motorcycles and fitment will be verified to more models over time. They are the most versatile and effective hand guards available today.

Adjustable Wind Control
ADV and Dual Sport riders must adapt to a wide variety of environmental and weather conditions – from highway to single track, hot temperature in the dirt, warm air in the countryside, or driving rain and cold temperatures on the interstate. The ADVance Guard height adjustable Shield and removable front Insert enable you to easily adapt to prevailing conditions without the need for tools.

The wide Aluminum Safety Frame provides tough protection for rider and handlebar controls in case of tip-overs or impact with outcroppings on a narrow trail. With or without the front Insert installed, the Frame covers not only the hands, but also the control levers and switches. Used by itself without the Insert or Adjustable Shield attached, the open center permits cooling air flow. The Frame mounts to the bar end and to the handlebar with forged aluminum Mounts shaped to clear control cables for different motorcycle models.

ADVance is an assembly of 3 main components: 1. a wide aluminum Safety Frame with an open airflow front; 2. an Insert that fills the open front when snapped in; and 3. a Sliding Shield that is adjustable up and down to control airflow and adapt to different weather conditions. Fully extended vertical coverage is 142mm. With the Shield in its open front configuration, ADVance Guard’s height is 100mm. Shield adjustments must made while the bike is stationary.

The Insert and Sliding Shield are injection molded in a resilient polymer and are easily attached or removed from the aluminum Frame.

Fit Kits contain handlebar mounts specific to the models listed below. Additional models will be added over time.

ADVance Guard Features Summary

- AIRFLOW CONTROL – open or closed front face
- HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE SHIELD – hand guard width at full height – 140mm,
- CUSTOM ALUMINUM MOUNTING KITS – fits a variety of makes & models

Fitment by Kit:
- KIT-1: BMW R1250GS/R1200GS_LC Liquid Cooled, BMW F800, 700, 650 GS
- KIT-1: BMW R1250GSA/R1200GSA_LC Liquid Cooled
- KIT-1T: Triumph Tiger 800 XC, XR, XCA, Triumph Explorer 1200
- KIT-2: BMW R 1200 GS/A, 2005~2012, BMW R 1200 GSA 2013, BMW R 1150 GS/A 1999~2004
- KIT-3-AT: Honda Africa Twin Standard Trans
- KIT-3-KTM: KTM 1090, 1190, 1290
- KIT-2-9T: BMW R nine T Urban GS, Scrambler
- KIT-3-AT-DCT: Honda Africa Twin DCT Trans


I bought these for my Tiger Explorer. I figured it’d probably work if they fit on the little Tiger. I was pretty much right, barring some cable finagling. However, it does mean that this product’s first review is from a rider whose bike they weren’t designed for. Nonetheless, I’m really impressed. Do with that what you will.
Bang for the Buck- At a whole Benjamin more than Barkbusters, or any other common handguard, you would expect these things to be some properly high-end hardware. I’ve only had them installed for a few hours now, but as far as I can tell, they fit the description.
Features- The modularity is not a gimmick. The raise-able component for winter riding does its job very well, it’s cold as heck here in MD, but you wouldn’t know it behind these guards. I haven’t tried to pop out the pop-outable section yet, but it seems like it wouldn’t be too much trouble. The one thing I can say against them is that slider for moving the winter deflector feels a little clunky, but its not a problem that you’re going to run into much. On the topic of features, the one thing you can’t get for these guards are running lights like you can get for bark-busters or on a couple of acerbis models.
Style – Will probably look beautiful with most ADV bikes, but both the color and geometry of these guards matches my Tiger Explorer perfectly. I’m a sucker for style, and these guards have it. The whole thing looks well finished. Even the logo on the outside edge of the guard looks classy. They also come in a posh box to remind you that they’re hella fancy.
Ease of Install – Again, I put these on the wrong bike, so take this with a grain of salt. My biggest gripe, however, would be true even if I had the right bike: you need a T25 torx key and its not included, nor labeled, I spent a while guessing and then had to go out and buy one, as it was the one size of torx key I didn’t have. On my bike, getting them to sit around the cabling in a way I liked took some time as well, but if you have a bike that these things are designed for, that may not be an issue. It took me about an hour and a half, doing it outdoors on a cold day. Somebody properly prepared with a real garage could probably be done in less than half that time.
Fit and Finish – These handguards are NICE. Like I said, they are premium and it does show, especially to someone like me who doesn’t spring for top-of-the-line stuff all that often. Even the plastic insert is really sturdy and I can barely tell that its not metal. The other big sale point on these for me was that I wanted something a little less plastic-y than what you’d see on a dirt-bike. I wouldn’t mind dirt bike handguards on a dirt bike, but by the same token, I want ADV handguards for my ADV bike. These are real nice ADV handguards. Durability – the pictures make it look like these guards could win a fight with a brick wall and that’s not far from the truth. They’re thick, meaty, and solidly constructed. I’ve got no doubt my hand-controls and my hands are protected, and I’m sure they’ll keep up with any more common handguard, though they might look a little less pretty than when they started at the end of an RTW trip.

When the package arrived the box oozed quality. Without doubt THE best packaged accessory I have ever bought. Inside the box was same just superb. Fitting was a breeze after I saw your install video. When I had finished one side my wife brought me a cold beer and said didn’t the bike already have them. I showed her old plastic OEM bit and the new and she Machineart they are real protection not something off a BMX bike. Only one question can the grey insert be painted. It looks OK but I would like it white. Well done with hand guards – an excellent job. Thanks again from Australia – they will sell very well here.