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Adaptiv Radar Detection

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TPX Wireless Headset
Price: $70.00
Spare TPX Visual Alert
Price: $45.00
TPX Automotive Mount
Price: $29.00
TPX Radar Detector Universal Mount Adapter
Price: $19.00
Adaptiv TPX Replacement Wiring Harness A-05-01
Price: $35.00
Adaptiv Technologies TPX 12V USB Power Supply A-05-05
Price: $25.00
Adaptiv Technologies TPX Bluetooth Transmitter A-05-04
Price: $55.00
Adaptiv TPX Quick Release Mount Plate A-05-02
Price: $19.00
Adaptiv Skinny Bar Mount D-01-18
Price: $85.00

The Adaptiv Technologies TPX radar and laser detector 2.0 has been significantly overhauled and now offers a number of improvements over the previous version, as well as a more robust list of features. The unit is now more capable than ever at detecting laser and radar guns. If you've tried other systems that have not delivered on their promises or if you've been drawn to the detector for other reasons, then you'll be pleasantly surprised by what this value-priced device offers.

While it won't break the bank, the TPX 2.0 will break all of your expectations. A host of new improvements have been made to the system, and the user will quickly see why the TPX 2.0 stands alone amongst other devices. The new features include:

  • Improved false alert logic
  • A band lockout mode
  • An easy-to-setup wiring system to simplify installation
And the list goes on. If you've been eagerly anticipating a radar and laser detector that works without any of the hassles, the TPX 2.0 was created just for you.