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Pivot Pegz 5% OFF

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Wide MK3 High Performance Pivoting Footpegs by Pivot Pegz
Reg Price: $169.95
Sale Price: $161.45
Pivot Pegz MK3 Platform Toppers (pair)
Price: $29.99
MK2 High Performance Pivoting Footpegs by Pivot Pegz
Reg Price: $149.00
Sale Price: $119.00
PivotPegz are the next step in foot pegs.  Their innovative design improves upon a pre-existing design that most riders simply tolerate because they don't know of any alternatives. If you're tired of having your feet slide around on your pegs, then this product may provide significant relief.

The main difference between PivotPegz and traditional pegs is the pivoting action. This allows the rider's foot to rotate while on the peg, as opposed to being forced to remain in a stationary position. The built-in ridges on these aftermarket pegs  offers riders a better surface for gripping, which prevents them from sliding. Many riders find this design to be preferable over OEM options.

Our collection of PivotPegz includes options that can also eliminate some of the problems you may be experiencing with your current motorcycle's foot pegs. If you find that your feet are constantly slipping off of the peg, you may need a wider option that can better fit your feet. We carry Wide High Performance Pivoting Pegz for exactly this issue. We also carry the standard size version for people with narrower feet.

Pivoting Pegz are heavy-duty and they have the teeth to prove it. The exaggerated teeth are excellent for off-roading, but what about when you're just out for a short ride in the city. We carry Platform Toppers that can make your Pivot Pegz more roadworthy. They offer a more even surface that's easier on your boots. They fit right over the MK3 footpegs.