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JVB Productions BMW R1200 “Wethead” 2013-2018 Maintenance/Service Video USB Format
Price: $40.00
R1200 “Wethead” 2013+ GSW & GSAW Maintenance and Service DVD by JVB Productions
Price: $30.00
R1200 "Camhead" DOHC 2010-2012 Maintenance DVD by JVB Productions
Price: $30.00
R1200 Hex Head 36K Maintenance DVD for Years 2004-2009 by JVB Productions
Price: $30.00
BMW R-Series Repair Video II DVD by JVB Productions
Price: $30.00
Accessory Installation DVD for Common Accessories by JVB Productions
Price: $20.00

You don't need to be a Wrench Monkey to be able to perform basic repairs or standard services on your bike. This video for the R1200GS/A will teach you, step by step, how to complete a number of money-saving repairs and services on your motorcycle. Not only will you be able to save a boatload of money, but you'll also have the satisfaction of working on your bike yourself. Instead of paying a mechanic to do what you're capable of, you can purchase this motorcycle maintenance DVD for R1200 bikes and quickly learn how to work on your BMW motorcycle.

This video will teach you how to change the oil, oil filter, brake fluid and more. The video will include comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials on the following procedures:

  1. Oil change, engine, with filter
    2. Gearbox-oil change
    3. Oil change, rear wheel drive
    4. Checking valve clearance
    *Replace all spark plugs
    5. Changing brake fluid, front/rear brakes
    *Visually inspecting brake pipes, brake hoses and connections
    *Checking front brake pads and brake discs for wear
    *Checking rear brake pads and brake disc for wear
    *Visually inspecting brake pipes, brake hoses and connections
    *Visual inspection of hydraulic clutch system
    6. Replace air filter cartridge
    7. Replace belt for generator
    8. Checking spoke tension, adjusting if necessary
    9. Correcting engine synchronization (for maintenance)
    10. Reading fault memory
    *Setting service-due date and service countdown distance
Consider this: The suggested tool for removing and installing a new alternator belt costs nearly $150. With this video, you'll learn how to do it without this costly tool. Your purchase of this instructional video will pay for itself from the moment you make your first repair or perform your first maintenance service.