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Adapters and Electrical Items

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Battery Tender USB Charger
Price: $11.95
FisrtGear 12V Coax to 5V 3A USB Power Adapter 51-2736
Reg Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $26.95
BikeMaster Dual USB Power Adapter with Weather Protector 15-2234
Price: $14.95
BMW to Cigarette Plug Adapter
Price: $22.95
Stubby BMW to Cigarette Plug Adapter
Price: $19.95
Double BMW to American Cigarette Adapter
Price: $24.95
BMW / Euro Style Motorcycle Accessory Plug - Standard Bare / Un-Wired
Price: $11.95
Dual-Purpose BMW & American Cigarette Combo Plug
Price: $16.95
SAE Battery Tender Harness
Price: $9.95
SAE / Battery Tender Style Plug to American Cigarette Adapter
Price: $14.95
Alligator Clips to American Cigarette Adapter
Price: $14.95
Ultra Compact Un-wired Alligator Clips (1 pair)
Price: $4.95
Compact Fuse Block FZ-1 with Built-In Relay (aka. FuzeBlock)
Price: $89.99
FZ Wiring Kit for FZ1 Fuzeblock
Price: $34.99
Compact Battery Jumper Cables for Motorcycles
Price: $14.95
Clearwater Voltage Sentry (CVS) Battery Monitoring Device
Price: $59.00
Optimate 3 Desulfating Battery Maintainer & Charger by Tecmate
Price: $62.90
Optimate 4 Dual Program Canbus BMW Edition Waterproof Desulfating Battery Charger/Maintainer by Tecmate
Price: $89.90
Battery Tender Voltage Indicator with LCD Display
Price: $18.95

Why hit the road without the comforts of home? With our collection of electrical items and adapters, you don't have to. Are you looking for a way to connect your favorite devices to your motorcycle? You have a number of options at your disposal. Perhaps you're simply looking for a pair of battery jumper cables for your motorcycle? We have those, too.

These are high-quality and road-durable accessories to improve your long road trips. We have cigarette plug adapters (and combo units) for your BMW or other makes to use with cell phone chargers, GPSs and other accessories that use a standard 12-volt plug. The compact jumper cables and fuse box are designed to get the job done while taking up minimal space. Our battery monitoring device immediately informs you of any low power situation, and the Dispatch 1 wireless power distribution and management system can handle up to 10 accessories from one central location for maximum control. These electrical components are tested and approved by adventure motorcycle riding enthusiasts for their superior quality, durability and convenience.