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Chain Care

Motorcycle chains are an integral part of bike maintenance. Keeping your bike chains ready for your next ride is an easy way to keep your motorcycle clean on the inside and running smoothly on even the most extreme terrain. At Adventure Designs, it's all about giving you the tools and parts you need to handle any riding conditions with the control and speed you want. Our Motorex chain care products include synthetic lubricants, degreasers and convenient all-in-one kits to ensure that your chain is debris-free during your next joyride.
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Motorex Adventure Chain Lube Spray 500ml
Reg Price: $20.95
Sale Price: $18.58
Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser
Reg Price: $15.95
Sale Price: $14.35
Motorex Synthetic Chain Lube Off Road Formula
Reg Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $15.25
Motorex Offroad Chain Lube 56ml in Refillable Can
Reg Price: $8.95
Sale Price: $8.05
Motorex Synthetic Chain Lube Road Formula
Reg Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $15.25
Find the right Motorex chain care formula for your biking needs. Our all-in-one complete off-road care kit includes a 500ml can of Off-Road chain lube, a 500ml can of Chain Clean degreaser, a 56ml refillable Chain Lube canister and a microfiber cloth to use during cleaning. If you want to purchase one item at a time, our individual Motorex formulas are affordable and always ship quickly. Our Chain Clean degreaser has been tested for O-, X- and Z-rings and will remove oil and grease deposits from the grooves in your bike chain. Our synthetic Chain Lube off-road formula is a great wear-reducing option, compatible with X- and O-rings in endure, off-road and motocross use. We also have a Chain Lube formula for on-road riding.