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ROK Straps The Ultimate Stretch Strap

Fed up with unattractive bungee straps and hazardous tie-down shock cords? Motorcycle riders can now end those frustrations with ROK Strapsí The Ultimate Stretch Strap available at Adventure Designs. ROK Straps give riders much more durability, strength and safety than they've previously seen in the tied down elastic luggage straps and cargo strap market. If you need to carry light cargo like a leather jacket on the handle bars of your motorcycle, ROK Straps has the right tie down elastic strap for your needs. ROK Strap Adjustable Bungees adjust easily to fit around most luggage items and allow you to pull down tight for a strong hold on your luggage. These ROK Straps are rated to withstand 65 pounds of straight pulling force and can hold 130 pounds when looped over cargo. Small Adjustable Pack Straps composed of 100 percent rubber are also available to safely secure smaller items like sleeping pads, jackets and tents on a motorcycle.
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ROK Strap Adjustable Bungees (Pair) 18" to 60"
Price: $24.99
ROK Straps: Small Adjustable Pack Straps (Pair) 12" to 42" ***Choose Color
Price: $17.99