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SOG Hard Nylon Sheath for Fasthawk or Tomahawk
Reg Price: $35.00
Sale Price: $31.50
SOG Hex Bit Accessory Kit HXB-01
Reg Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $18.00

The road can present you with an obstacle without forewarning. In such an event, will you be ready or caught unprepared? The difference is likely to come down to the tools that you have at your disposal. Our SOG knives can account for that difference. A tomahawk, multi-tool or knife set may turn your obstacle into a brief hurdle. Conversely, not being prepared can bring your trip to an abrupt end. When you're on the road, self-reliance can only be afforded by those that plan ahead.

What can't you accomplish with a multi-tool with a plethora of handy instruments? If you need a more powerful tool, the SOG tactical tomahawk can chop wood, dig into the ground, pry items open and offers a number of other uses. Its compact design also makes it portable enough to be taken on extended trips. Choose between any of these finely crafted SOG products to prepare for whatever obstacles you may encounter along your journeys.