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Highway Pegs with Storage

Secret compartments for extra storage make highway pegs available at Adventure Designs an extra attraction for motorcycle riders. Premium Highway Pegs with Secret Storage made from lightweight aluminum can accommodate most round engine guard bars from 7/8 inch to 1 inch thanks to universal and adjustable fitment. Made to enhance the appearance of large adventure motorcycles, the highway pegs are rust- and corrode-resistant and have a fold away feature with tension balls. The storage compartment is accessed simply by removing the end cap. The Premium Highway Pegs with Secret Storage are available in either black or silver and are 1 inch in diameter and 5 inches long when straight, and 3.75 inches when folded. Adventure Designs also sells replacement end caps for the secret storage highway pegs. Call Adventure Designs at 1-510-586-8447 and order today.

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Premium Highway Pegs with Secret Storage- Black (pair) by Adventure Designs. Made in USA
Price: $229.99
Adventure Designs Replacement End Cap for Secret Storage Highway Pegs - Sold Each
Price: $25.00