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Footpegs - Highway Pegs

Customizing your motorcycle with highway pegs and foot pegs available at Adventure Designs can improve your grip and enhance your ride. The Premium Highway Pegs with Secret Storage available in black or silver allow the rider a more comfortable experience, enabling him to enjoy better blood flow to knees and legs. These pegs will not rust or corrode, and are easy to fold away when they're not being used. Lightweight aluminum construction makes them less cumbersome than many pegs. Pivot Pegz high-performance foot pegs boast a spring-loaded pivoting action that is precisely tuned and which actively tracks with the motion of the rider's feet. Pivot Pegz patented pivoting action improves grip, comfort and control and also actively promotes correct riding technique and is designed to reduce fatigue. Fastway Footpegs have patented threaded pin-style cleats and give the rider sure-footed confidence, maximum grip, and adjustability. With two pin lengths, Fastway Footpegs let the rider customize peg setup for all conditions and traction needs, and they feature a patent-pending Universal Collar System engineered for ergonomics and adjustability.

Highway Pegs with Storage