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Mirrors : DoubleTake

The Double Take Adjustable "unbreakable" Mirrors have been made to fit most motorcycles and have been available at Adventure Designs since their inception. Today, August 2015, a new breed of the "DoubleTake mirror has been born.... The Adventure Mirror. The traditional "DoubleTake Mirror" will be known from here forward as the "Enduro Mirror" as the "Adventure Mirror" slides into the DoubleTake Mirror family.

These sturdy, virtually unbreakable aftermarket mirrors provide the driver with excellent visibility thanks to the SAE Spec Convex Lens. Adjust them, fold them and remove them with ease whenever you want. The Double Take Mirrors owe their easy adjustability to a ball mount in the arm for a wide range of flexibility and considerable give when subjected to force or impact. You might not want these mirrors when you're doing some off-roading, and in cases like this, the mirror is easy to remove.

Adventure Designs also sells mirror components such as a Replacement Mirror Housing with Reflector, the Replacement Mirror Reflector Only, a 5 Inch Arm, 3 Inch Arm and even a shorty 2 Inch Arm for the most compact package.

DoubleTake mirrors are the industry leader in "unbreakable" motorcycle mirrors.

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DoubleTake Adventure Adjustable Mirrors Made in USA (pair)
Price: $135.00
DoubleTake Enduro Adjustable Mirrors Made in USA (pair)
Reg Price: $130.00
Sale Price: $110.00
DoubleTake Mirror Replacement Components (each) Select Item and Price
Price: $10.00