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Motorcycle Chain Care

The vital task of transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel of your motorcycle is the responsibility of the chains, which can fail and cripple your motorcycle unless they are properly maintained and cared for. Motorcycle chain care products available at Adventure Designs help to ensure that your chains get proper maintenance and attention. The Motorex Complete Chain Care Kit can help you decrease the wear and tear on your chains, as it comes with a 500ml can of Off-Road Chain Lubricant, a 56ml refillable Chain Lube can, a 500ml can of Chain Clean Degreaser and a microfiber cloth. The Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser gets rid of harmful grease buildup from your chain and can help you achieve a smoother ride. Motorex also manufactures chain lube formulas made for both on-road and off-road biking.

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Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser
Price: $15.95
Motorex Synthetic Chain Lube Off Road Formula
Price: $16.95
Motorex Synthetic Chain Lube Road Formula
Price: $16.95
Motorex Offroad Chain Lube 56ml in Refillable Can
Price: $8.95